Breonna Taylor’s Death And Boyfriend Kenneth Walker’s Arrest Lead To Tense Protests In Louisville — Seven People Shot — Amid National Outcry Over Police Brutality

Breonna Taylor Kenneth Walker Louisville Protests

Amid the riots in Minneapolis over police brutality Thursday night, seven people also got shot in Louisville, Kentucky during protests over the shocking death of Breonna Taylor earlier this year. One person is in critical condition and police did not say where the gunfire originated.

There were 500 to 600 protesters in Downtown Louisville chanting, “No justice, no peace, prosecute police,” and “Breonna, Breonna, Breonna.”

In the wake of multiple incidents related to police shootings, the FBI is reportedly on the trails of the March 13 shooting that took the life of the 26-year-old woman, a black EMT worker, while she was at home with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

The woman was reportedly killed by a group of police officers who were conducting a raid and were at the address to serve a search warrant as part of a drug investigation.

Contrary to reports saying otherwise, the cops were at the right address and Taylor’s name was on the warrant, along with two others, including Jamarcus Glover, who was arrested at a different location on the same date.

Adrian Walker is the third name that was listed on the warrant that did not require the officers to announce themselves.

A 911 call from Kenneth Walker was released yesterday. In it, he can be heard saying, “I don’t know what happened … somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend.”

The tragic death immediately drew a lot of attention, and tensions grew even higher in the following weeks due to the related incidents of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, and more recently, George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minnesota.

The Taylor incident has drawn the attention of the FBI, who are now investigating the case but have refused to divulge any specific details about what they are looking into.

In addition, they have been keeping the case relatively secretive due to its sensitive nature and the recent related incidents.

Meanwhile, chaos is creeping across the country, as people have taken to the streets of Minneapolis to riot over the killing of George Floyd.

Several buildings were reportedly set on fire, and many stores were looted, while authorities were scrambling to erect a barricade around a police precinct targeted by the rioters.

The situation is still developing, and reports indicate that the government might seek to escalate the conflict if rioters refuse to back down.

At the moment, it does not look like there are any prospects of the latter happening, so tensions remain high in the area and across the country in general.

Charges against Kenneth Walker have been dropped, he was accused of attempted murder of a police officer. Sgt. John Mattingly was shot in the leg. Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison were also involved in the deadly incident. The cops are still on leave.


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