Shekinah Jo Is Mocked For Crying In Videos Over Gucci In Atlanta — Tiny Harris’s BFF Is Angry At People Protesting And Rioting Over The Death Of George Floyd — Is Her Message Different Than Keisha Lance Bottoms?

Shekinah Jo Gucci George Floyd Protests Atlanta

Shekinah Jo, who is the best friend of Tiny Harris, has become a media sensation after she appeared in a few Instagram videos where she is crying over the many stores that were destroyed and looted, including Gucci in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shekinah, who is also a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member, posted a series of videos where she is weeping and begging people to stay home.

The petite entertainer ripped through the millions of people who have decided to voice their anger and frustration in the streets of Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Washington, and Atlanta after witnessing the very disturbing viral video of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd‘s neck.

Floyd died of his injuries, and the officer has been arrested. African Americans and people of other ethnicities have been demanding that the other officers who stood idly by during the killing of Floyd be arrested.

#Shekinah is now trending on Twitter and Instagram because of the video where she spoke about the love of God, local business owners, and made the mistake of mentioning Gucci — a company that faced major backlash and was boycotted over several racist items that they released in 2019. Tiny’s BFF was ridiculed for the tears she shed over the big brand.

A confused social media user stated: “When I heard she was crying over Gucci, I thought something happened to Gucci Mane. I’m embarrassed. When you more upset about the looting than the actual killing of black people. Got it.”

An African American Instagrammer reminded Shekinah that the Italian luxury brand infuriated black people a few months ago: “When you feel you’re defined by the brand of clothes, you wear…you say dumb shit like this. Gucci don’t even like your kind, but you are crying..smh weird flex. Cry for the black lives that are gunned down and beaten by the police. Really you are crying about Gucci that don’t give a f*ck about u!”

A supporter of the movement had this to say: “I despise people who have a platform but don’t know how to use it properly. Girl stop lmao Gucci don’t stand up for us, and didn’t they just have a racist ad or something??? Some of these reality stars are losing it, smh. 🤦🏽‍♀️”

Shekinah was hit by this commenter: “I would much rather she come out and talk about how the black-owned businesses are getting destroyed, but she is talking about some damn Gucci that don’t give a damn about us and had racist clothing … I’m tired of these reality tv stars saying the wrong things with their platforms. 🤦🏽‍♀️”

Minus the tears and the overreaction, Keisha Lance Bottoms, the current Mayor of Atlanta, rappers T.I. and Killer Mike, R&B artist The-Dream, and reality TV star NeNe Leakes have all expressed the same sentiment via passionate statements.


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