Buffalo Police Officer Is Accused Of Shoving Elderly Man To The Ground In Viral Video, And He Starts To Bleed From The Head — Two Cops Involved Are Suspended Without Pay

Aaron Torgalski Buffalo Police Officer Shoves Man

A graphic video that has gone viral shows an elderly man being pushed to the ground by a Buffalo police officer reportedly named Aaron Torgalski and hitting his head.

What followed was another act that can only be described as inhumane and disturbing. Several other officers walked by, looked at the man on the ground who had blood running from his head, did nothing, and went on to arrest other protesters.

At one point, one Buffalo police officer attempted to check on the 75-year-old man lying motionless on the sidewalk in front of the City Hall building, and another pulled him away.

The incident took place Thursday night in Buffalo, New York where many people were protesting the death of George Floyd.

The African American man was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee on his neck for close to nine minutes.

According to reports, officer Torgalski pushed the elderly man because he told them, “your guns weren’t necessary,” while others say he was returning a police helmet he found on the pavement.

The video filmed by one of the protesters showed the older man bleeding out of his ears after being shoved by the cop and falling to the pavement.

It has been confirmed that the man was rushed to a nearby hospital by medics who responded to the scene. He is critically injured but is expected to recover.

In an initial report, the police claimed that the senior citizen tripped and fell. However, a few hours later, after the video hit over 38 million views, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown issued a statement saying that two officers involved in the incident have been suspended without pay.

He said: “I was deeply disturbed by the video, as was Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood. He directed an immediate investigation into the matter, and the two officers have been suspended without pay.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded to the horrific video, via Twitter by saying: “I’ve spoken with Buffalo @MayorByronBrown, and we agree that the officers involved should be immediately suspended pending a formal investigation. Police Officers must enforce — NOT ABUSE — the law.”

Via Facebook, one person had this reaction: “That’s so sad, and the thing is one of the officers just looked at him and continued to walk away, sad world we live in.”

This voter, appalled by the video, made this remark: “What the hell is wrong with the police in America. Have they not learned? It’s a pity that people who were supposed to protect us are killing us 😢😢😢what is going on. 😢😢😢”

One social media user made the claim that the video was stagged and added: “I would rather wait for the full report before pointing fingers. He pushed him too hard, I agree, but what was said and why get in there way. Also, the officer got on the radio, so I’m guessing he called for medical assistance. Maybe the video was stagged.”

This Instagrammer made this point: “This looks real, just look at how slow his phone slipped out his hands, a crisis actor couldn’t pull that off that realistic if he were an actor he would be holding a Grammy right now.”

A petition demanding that officer Torgalski be fired from his post has picked up over 150,000 signatures.


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