Queen Elizabeth Has A Priceless Diary That Covers Her Entire Reign, And This Is The Only Person Who Has Read It

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It is no secret that one of the first things that Queen Elizabeth II encountered upon ascending the throne as a young 25-year-old monarch was an audience with non-other than Winston Churchill, the British prime minister at the time.

According to late royal courtier Sir Lascelles, who opened up about the historic meeting in Elizabeth The Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch, the conversation must have gone well because even though he did not know its exact content, he could hear “pearls of laughter” and Churchill even “came out wiping his eyes.”

However, another interesting fact about the event was that the young monarch found the time to write all about it in her private journal/diary once it was over.

It appears that the Queen continued to keep her diary up to date with all of the important moments that happened during her reign on the throne for the last 68 years, and people close to her also confirmed that up to this day, the monarch would regularly “put pen to paper and write about her inner feelings.”

A royal insider confirmed: “Queen Elizabeth found comfort in expressing herself in her diary. And she still does.”

Apparently, the journal, which was “deemed almost as valuable as the crown jewels,” meaning millions of dollars, was usually kept in a secret vault in the Buckingham Palace, and only Prince Philip was allowed to read parts of it.

Many have speculated that the Queen probably dedicated more than a few pages to personal matters such as the troubled relationship of Prince Charles and Princess Diana or the controversies that surround Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Queen also shared her thoughts about the arrival of Catherine Middleton to the royal family and her decision to marry Prince William in the diary.

The source went on to explain: “She had likely written about her private meetings with Diana and how her efforts to guide her as the queen consort backfired when the princess began to rebel. She became cautious about outsiders marrying into the royal family. It took time for her to warm to Kate, and it’s very probable that she’s made notes about this.”

In her diary, the Queen had a lot to say about her awkward and somewhat embarrassing meetings with Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

As the chatter about an abdication in the near future gains traction, some experts are wondering if the diary will become even more valuable.


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