Endearing Video Of Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Middleton, Is Melting Hearts — Royal Fans Are More Interested In Him For This Reason

James Middleton Kate's Brother Loves Animal

James Middleton, brother of Kate Middleton, certainly knows a thing or two about engaging his followers on social media.

A recent post of his on Instagram set the platform on fire after James shared a video of his puppies that drove everyone crazy.

Likes and comments immediately started pouring in, and many claimed that the video had given them a glimmer of happiness in the current difficult situation.

James is relatively active on social media in general, but he does not enjoy sharing every detail of his life like some other famous people.

Because of that, his posts tend to hit harder than usual, especially ones like this, where the subject has been carefully chosen to evoke as many responses as possible.

Reports indicate that James is planning to hold on to one of his six puppies — named Nala — and he would send the others to different loving homes once they have grown up a little.

As expected, this has driven up many people’s interest because they are hoping to get one of his puppies, though it is highly unlikely that any of the pups would be given to random strangers.

Still, one can only hope, and comments under James’s post on Instagram have made it clear that there is no shortage of dreamers out there.

Hopefully, James manages to make the right decision about all the puppies’ future homes, though there is no doubt that he will do his best when the time comes.

There is plenty of time until then anyway, especially with the current pandemic. Fans have been sharing their stories about their adorable dogs and how they make their lives better.

A dog lover said: “My pooch who is the love of my life, has kept me totally sane this last 4 months, am ex-husband the only one.”

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Sail away with me ⛵️ ☀️

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James received this sweet message: “I’m turning my little farm into a place for animal therapy for kids with trauma. That relationship with an animal is so special!”

The businessman also got this note from a female follower that read: “My ex-husband had a service dog from America’s Vet Dogs, he had him for 7 years but because of the new law that was put in place, he had to be returned, before the law was put in place we were told we could keep him, so we got attached, and Chief became my bubba, and to this day I cry. I am so heartbroken that Chief is somewhere in New York and I wonder if he misses us.”

Kate’s brother is building a strong following online.


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