Leah Remini Is Unrecognizable In New Glamour Photo As She Threatens The Church of Scientology With More Revelations

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Fans of Leah Remini are in awe of her latest glamorous photoshoot, where she looks like a Hollywood vixen.

The former Scientologist is back on social media with a breathtaking black and white picture featured in Viva Glam magazine.

The actress turned whistleblower posed for the shot in the backseat of a vintage car as she was being chauffeured around by a man in a captain’s uniform.

In the back window sat a captain’s hat. Remini went for a glamorous look by wearing a black coat and a birdcage hat. Her makeup is flawless, and it is hard not to notice her bold lipstick color.

Remini used the photo to poke The Church of Scientology — its leader David Miscavige has been given the title of captain, and the members wear uniforms that resemble naval officers and hold titles such as captain and officer.

If the photo was not enough, Remini penned a lengthy caption to warn the Sea Org’s highest-ranking members – she has more bombshell revelations to drop.

The host of Scientology: Fair Game explained: “Had a fun photo shoot for an upcoming feature in @vivaglammag. Although there is nothing fun about having a 3 billion dollar tax exempt cult Fair Game survivors of abuse & those bravely speaking out, “Captain,” David Miscavige (as Scientology leader calls himself), OSA operatives, members of the sea org, you can play dress-up all you want, by impersonating our military, but no one is buying it. You are not in the driver’s seat any longer. People are informed; people have and are finding out for themselves what you are truly about. And that’s why you try so hard to silence us. We are not going to stop exposing you. And with that, we have another episode of Scientology: Fair Game out today on @iheartradiopodcasts or wherever you get your podcasts #scientologyfairgame #doilookbothered.”

Many fans told Remini that she looked hot and stunning like a queen and praised her for her outstanding work, exposing the controversial church and its top members like Tom Cruise.

A backer revealed in the comment section: “Every time my husband sees a photo of you, he says, “That woman gets more beautiful with every passing day” ❤️❤️❤️ course he never says that about me ..but I digress.”

This social media user shared: “Already listened to, it and man, you guys are just killing it. 🙌🏻 I often find myself asking how much more can Mike and Leah possibly have for us, and then in each and every single episode, I hear and learn so much more. Thanks for being devoted to the truth and healing of those who are still suffering in Scientology.”

Another complimentary message read: “You are so beautiful! I’ve always admired you since I was a little girl. Getting to grow up and watch you take on the world, and this cult has been so inspiring! Thank you for giving me, and now my young daughter, a strong woman to look up to. So glad you were and still are my role model <3. Keeping doing what you’re doing, Leah! You’re making a difference.”

Remini is proud of her mission.


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