Queen Elizabeth Is An Expert After Doing This For 68 Years — Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Could Not Win At This Game

Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth II Prince Harry

Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth II like the rest of the world, woke up and discovered that Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, had decided that they were stepping down from their roles as royal seniors.

In their bombshell announcement, the power couple also revealed that they had plans to leave London with their baby boy, Archie.

It has now been revealed that for many months the Queen was aware that her grandson and the former actress were miserable, but she never assumed that they would take such drastic actions to find happiness and freedom.

In a new documentary called The Queen: In Her Own Words that recently aired, many royal experts gave insider details on how the scandal played out between the Queen of the United Kingdom and the power couple.

According to the program, the Queen felt that Harry and Meghan were about to beat her at a game that she has been playing for the past 68 years — control the narrative and the media.

Expert Wesley Kerr said this about how the Queen handled this unprecedented situation: “It was a situation like a kettle which had been coming up to boil, and it boiled over. They issued that sudden statement saying that they would be stepping back from their role as senior royals and that they had laid out what their terms would be.”

Royal editor Ingrid Seward interjected: “The statement came as a complete surprise to the Queen. She knew that they weren’t happy, she knew that they were in talks with her advisers, but she had no idea they were going to put out their own statement.”

Andrew Scarborough said that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, put the Queen in a situation where she had to react to win the perception war quickly.

The expert stated: “In 2020, she beat Harry and Meghan in a war of words and proved herself to be the Queen of social media. #Megxit trended all over the world and dragged the Queen into a Twitterstorm. Although the Queen had been caught off guard, a brief and concise tweet posted just hours later revealed that discussions were at an early stage. In just 34 friendly words, the Queen had taken back control of the situation.”

Meghan and Harry might have lost the “perception war,” but their bank accounts probably appreciated the trade-off between being royals and sought-after public speakers.


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