Susan Rice Said This About The Joe Biden VP Race — Critics Say She Threw Kamala Harris Under The Bus In This Video

Susan Rice Kamala Harris Joe Biden's VP Pick

Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice is among the finalists to be Joe Biden‘s vice president. Rice, 55, who has never held elective office, is leaving all on the table as the choice is near.

While promoting her book, Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For, on CBS This Morning, Rice presented a rationale as to why she should be Biden’s pick.

It was clear and direct. Some people loved it, while others said she was too blunt because they believe she tried to throw Senator Kamala Harris under the bus.

Harris is also said to be on Biden’s shortlist for VP, and the main thing playing against the former presidential candidate is her perceived “ambition.” Her critics say this might be a detriment to a potential Biden administration.

Rice opted to go in a different direction when the topic was brought up. She said: “I certainly haven’t run for president. I haven’t run for other office. So in my case, I don’t have a personal political ambition.”

On what she would bring to Biden as a running mate, Rice stated: “I think what I would bring is almost 20 years of deep experience at the senior most ranks of the executive branch. Getting things done for the American people. Wrestling with crises & dealing with the solutions we need.”

She continued: “The running mate, whoever she may be, first and foremost has to be acting in support of the candidate and governing as a partner should he win. So I absolutely think that’s the vitally important role. It’s not about one’s own profile.”

Rice also pointed out: “I do think this is going to be quite a different election given the pandemic. And much of the interaction, unfortunately, with the American people will take place remotely.”

It is clear, Rice is a fierce competitor, and she is determined to give the veep race her best shot. Did she go too far?

One person stated: “Susan Rice would be the best choice. Harris doesn’t have the political experience that Rice has, and she trashed him in the debates/campaigning.”

A second commenter chimed in: “KH is the best & most logical choice if you want a winning balanced ticket with a ready from day one vetted Veep who is the right age and articulate…”

This Rice critic added: “We need someone who can connect with the youth and is the ying to joes yang. Someone who is progressive enough and can win over Bernie supporters. Kamala or Stacy Abrams.”

Rice and Harris are seen as the top names on Biden’s list of candidates.


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