This Video Of Kate Middleton And Prince William Angered Some Americans For This Reason

Kate Middleton Prince William Maskless Critics

It is hard to please everyone, and even Kate Middleton and Prince William are not exempted from that famous saying.

Recently, the couple visited Barry Island, where they happily promoted the reopening of businesses. The United Kingdom, like the rest of the world — has been hit hard economically by the coronavirus pandemic.

The future king of England and his wife toured a business attempting to let clients know that they are up and running despite the health crisis.

The power couple shared a video where they talked to a handful of people who were present during the tour. In the brief video, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked delightful as they laughed and mingled with the people.

Royal fans praised Kate and William for their hard work in promoting small businesses.

One critic, who was displeased with the couple’s decision not to wear masks while in public, decided to call them out.

The naysayer, who is apparently an American citizen, made this remark: “They should be setting an example and wear the dang masks.”

Another American explained why the mask is not necessary: “We’ve seen the same thing here in Utah and my sister in California too. Putting your trust in a thin piece of cloth that blocks 3% of droplets is pretty silly. Physical distancing works a bit better, but even outside these airborne respiratory viruses can travel far beyond 6 feet.”

The British backers of the royal family passionately defended Kate and William by explaining that the guidelines are not the same in Wales, Scotland, and England.

A fan explained: “They are outside and probably 6’ apart-hard to tell by camera angle. There are additional photos of them indoors-and they are wearing masks. Kate wore a mask yesterday. Guidelines are different in Wales, Scotland, and England. Sadly, Americans have an unmasked partying problem, not a mask mandate problem.”

Kate and William received this message from a person pleading their case: “Wales has been much more cautious than England, and our figures have been much lower than many countries. Masks have not been proven to work. Many people wearing masks are not social distancing! Once you touch your mask, there is no point in wearing it, and you have to change them every 15 minutes.”

A social media with a more neutral voice stated: “They appear to be a good distance away from people and keeping safe. I will say I was still surprised to see them not wearing one through. It’s not required outside in that part of Wales. They’re adhering to government guidelines. Simple to understand, I hope!”

The royal couple has a lot of backers despite the critics.


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