Leaked Video Of Rob Kardashian And Ex-Girlfriend Only Told Half Of The Messy Story

Rob Kardashian Aileen Gisselle Tristan Thompson Video

Well, that was short-lived, just days after Rob Kardashian, and his girlfriend made it official in a viral Instagram video, the pair split.

However, the businessman and reality TV star is not leaving the heartbreak to keep him down, he has found a new friend in Tristan Thompson, and they are having the best time in the world.

Last week, Rob and Instagram model Aileen Gisselle appeared in a brief clip where they were enjoying each other’s company during a romantic dinner.

Kim Kardashian‘s younger brother looked like he was floating on cloud nine during the date. However, a source quickly came out to say that the romance did not go very far because Rob rapidly found out that he was caught in a web of lie, and he was being used.

It has been confirmed that Aileen leaked the video to make her on-and-off boyfriend boxer Devin Haney jealous.

An insider explained why the romance ended: “The video Aileen posted to her Instagram stories of her and Rob’s date took place quite a long time ago, and it’s not new. Aileen has been dating boxer Devin Haney since January, and they’ve had an on and off relationship for several months now.”

The person went on to reveal why Aileen was angry and why she leaked the video: “During one of their recent breaks, Aileen found out that Devin was going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas with Instagram model, Lira Galore, and she couldn’t have been thrilled about that. So although it’s not 100 percent known why she posted that old video of her date with Rob, it’s certainly curious timing. Aileen and Devin have reconciled since he returned home, and they’re all good now.”

Rob has decided to take the lemons left behind by his ex and turn them into sweet lemonade. He flew to Turks and Caicos with Kylie Jenner, who had an epic 23rd birthday party with Tristan, Khloé Kardashian, and countless other family members.

Another insider confessed that Rob is happy and is eager to get into the dating pool again. His relatives are glad to see him thriving and have his back.

The source stated: “It’s so fantastic that Rob went with them. Khloe (Kardashian) and Kylie were so, so happy when Rob said he was going to come, the whole family was thrilled. Rob is truly back to his old self. They feel like they have their brother back. They’ve all been praying for this for a long time.”

Devin and Aileen were also seen kissing in a video earlier this month.

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