Sarah Ferguson Is Body-Shamed Over This Photo — Angry Royal Fans Pile On

Sarah Ferguson Critics Pounce After New Video

Sarah Ferguson has been very active on social media since the global health crisis hit. She has delighted royal fans, especially the young ones, with tons of activities on YouTube and Instagram.

Fergie has been busy posting fun cooking and craft tips to keep the entire family busy. She has been very helpful to parents because she often shares videos where she is reading delightful storybooks.

Sarah, Duchess of York, also took her time to update her fans on her current situation, making sure that everyone knows that she and her family are doing fine.

She recently revealed that she has even been enjoying some guests at her home. Sarah made animal lovers’ day by announcing that she had welcomed a new member to her family.

She shared a photo where she is holding the adorable dog. A pet owner happily stated in the comment section: “I really wasn’t a Sarah fan. That being said, I have been loving her lately. Reading books online, her personality shines. You can tell she has found a niche that fits her well. Well done!!”

Fergie was praised for her storytime videos by this mother: “I love this photo so much! 🐶 Can’t wait to see this little guest on your storytime too this afternoon!❤️ I think we just need to see them all together sooner or later!😉”

While many of the comments focused on the adorable dog, a few people decided to criticize the Duchess of York on her looks and had the audacity to advise her to have plastic surgery.

One naysayer told the Duchess: “Time to get rid of some ur wrinkle, please.”

Fergie had a loving fan defend her with this sweet message that read: “No, she doesn’t, but she has lived a hard life having been ridiculed by the press. Her public divorce and now PA being in the press. I wouldn’t change places with her for anything.”

An angry British taxpayer shared her thoughts by writing: “You mean privileged life and still is. Nothing off the taxpayer’s money and the royal family living in Royal lodge . Drinking( over the limit), that’s what’s aged her .and eating n being merry. She hasn’t had a hard life AT ALL.”

Sarah has found interesting ways to stay relevant in an ever-changing media landscape. She has been able to move on from her complicated past to become a form of wise figure for those who follow the British Royal family.


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