La La Anthony Is Unrecognizable In Photos After Drastic Makeover — Here Is Why Fans Love Her New Body

La La Anthony Debuts New Body And Hair

La La Anthony has her fans going wild after she took to social media, where she confirmed that she is a whole new woman.

The former radio host has been busy while in quarantine with her entire family. She has been modeling for various companies, taking trips with her loved ones, and drastically changing her look.

The Power actress recently dazzled her millions of followers by going hot red.

La La, who often sports dark black or blondish hair, has decided to try something she has never done before — she has gone all red with the hair.

The TV star and Instagram influencer flaunted the stunning new hair color and style in a photo where she is sitting on a stairway.

She also showed off her new and improved body in a one-piece tie-dye bathing suit. La La had her long hair all wet and pulled back and wore several pieces of jewelry.

The businesswoman completed the look with a small matching purple purse. Via the caption, La La confirmed that she is all new and is ready to take on the world.

She wrote: “This ain’t like you…this that new you.” Many fans realized that La La now looks like Jessica Rabbit.

This social media user explained: “I’m telling you it’s Jessica Rabbit💥💥 look her up newbies😂😂
Now you need Jessica Rabbits dress💜💜.”

A backer, who is a bit confused because La La looks very different, made this remark: “Ummm excuse me where is @lala 😂 you look 🤯🤯🤯🤯. Don’t hurtem shawty !!! Blessings queen peace. U got us feeling some type way 😍✨❤️.”

La La is also an activist who speaks up whenever it is necessary. In a new interview, she threw President Donald Trump under the bus for this reason, and she stated: “When you look at some of the crises that have happened in Puerto Rico, you just felt like you weren’t a part of this country. The way the President handled Puerto Rico during those times was just really, really, really sad. And it just says a lot. We have to do better. Puerto Rico is a part of America—you can’t just ignore the island and the people like that.”

She spoke about focusing on self-love during these dark times. The mother of one confessed: “We have to get to a place where we understand and recognize how much loving yourself means—and how healing it is when you stop looking for that validation from everyone else. My thing is, the world’s going to beat us up enough, so we’ve got to love on ourselves a little bit more than we have been.”

The wife of NBA star Carmelo Anthony wants more.


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