August Alsina Makes Surprising Confessions About His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith And Her Husband, Will

Jada Pinkett Smith Will's Open Marriage August Alsina

It seems that August Alsina is not done talking about Jada Pinkett Smith and the love affair that took place between them while she was married to actor Will Smith.

August sat down for a new interview where he revealed that he decided to keep quiet about his romance with the high-profile actress for many years because he is a private man.

According to the singer, he met Jada in 2015, via her children, and they became close friends. As the talk show host was helping him with his addiction with painkillers; their friendship blossomed into a romance.

For years, the artist hid the details of Jada’s open marriage, a secret, but he broke his silence because fake rumors started spreading about him, which prevented him from signing a few lucrative deals.

August is the legal guardian to his three nieces — Chaylin, 14, Amaiya, 13, and Kayden, 11.

The girls’ father, Alsina’s older brother, Melvin, was killed in 2010; their mother, Chandra, died in 2018.

The 27-year old crooner confessed: “I really am a private person. People have never known much about my love life because it’s not important. I never really cared about what people thought of me, but my personal life started to seep into my business life. There were certain falsities about me, and it affected my business relationships.”

He went on to explain: “I could understand why it would look like I’m reckless or disrespectful, so it really started to affect my livelihood, and I’m never okay with that. I got three kids to look after. Kill me, hate me, stone me, but bury me an honest man. All I can do is tell the truth.”

August continued to make the shocking confession. He surprisingly said that despite the epic scandal, he believes that the relationship with Jada is not broken.

He revealed: “It’s just a part of life, and it’s a part of the journey. There’s a lot of love there. Sometimes the truth is complicated and difficult. But [my relationship with them isn’t] broken at all.”

August also revealed that he is still single and is focused on his health and his three girls: “Life is still unfolding. I’ve spent a lot of time in a relationship. It’s like the first time you’re back on your own type thing. There’s been a lot of rebuilding within myself, a lot of healing within myself that has had to happen. But I’m very okay.”

Some continue to think that the talking is not really a good look for the R&B crooner.


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