Devastated Queen Elizabeth Is Forced To Cancel All These Beloved Christmas Traditions

Queen Elizabeth's Christmas Plans Revealed

The royal family is looking forward to celebrating Christmas 2020 together, but it will not be easy amid the ongoing pandemic. Queen Elizabeth II is already working with her team to have a very different holiday.

The goal is to have a family get-together and try as hard as possible to cheer the British people while respecting the measures put in place to keep everyone healthy and safe.

It is believed that many famous traditions that the royal family holds dear will be eliminated to comply with the current Covid-19 regulations, including the well-known rule of six. The rule dictates that only six people can partake in indoor and outdoor gatherings.

According to royal experts, here are the alleged elements that will be scrapped from the Traditional Royal Christmas: the annual walk to church and public appearances by the Queen, Prince Charles, and other senior family members that takes place on December 25th will be canceled in order to respect the rule of six.

This year, due to the health crisis, the famous family lunch at Sandringham has been annulled.

It has been predicted that Her Majesty and her loved ones will ditch the Christmas Eve present opening and the fancy dinner that usually follows.

For the year-end holiday, the Queen will be forced to pick a handful of relatives who can be by her side and participate in the festivities.

To protect the Queen and Prince Philip from the virus, family members will first self-isolate before coming in contact with them.

Additionally, large crowds of well-wishers are not encouraged, according to a royal insider who said: “Any sort of church attendance on Christmas Day is highly unlikely under the current guidelines. There is no desire to create crowds, and over the years, the Royals’ walk to church has become more and more popular. It is now something of an event, so this year will need to be looked at very carefully. Perhaps it could be ticketed, as the church does stand on private land, but there could be no interaction. The Royals do not want to encourage crowds.”

A royal fan had this reaction to the news: “Must be so difficult for HM. Tradition is so dear to her, it’s sad she’s missing these moments, especially given her and the DoE’s ages. But of course she puts duty first and is setting the right example by following guidelines. ❤️”

Another commenter claimed the Queen will find a solution and added: “Takes more than that to ruin the mood of the staunch BRF…😅..history shows that.”

A third social media user revealed: “If they can’t figure out how to make it happen with all the money and castles and palaces, I feel sorry for them. They could all be in one big old room and be 6 feet away. And the walk could be ticketed, and they could bubble for 2-3 weeks together. Christmas and the speech would be so extra special this year from the Royals.”

The Queen will be creative, her followers believe.


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