Queen Elizabeth’s Secret To A Long And Healthy Life Revealed! Some Royal Fans May Not Like It

Queen Elizabeth Does Not Eat Pizza Chef Darren McGrady

People close to Queen Elizabeth II are usually far from talkative about the British royal family’s private life.

However, it is a well-known fact that from time to time, some details and a few secrets of the royals are leaked to the public by the staff nevertheless.

One such example is a new statement by chef Darren McGrady, who held a crucial position in the kitchen of the Buckingham Palace for 15 years.

During that lengthy period, he prepared various meals for not only the Queen, but also for late Princess Diana and her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to the renowned chef, the diet of Her Majesty lacked one of the most popular dishes in the world: pizza. As he recently stated, “In the years that I cooked at [Buckingham] palace, the Queen never had pizza.”

However, the cooking expert explained that even though the Queen never had pizza, this did not apply to her grandsons, and he used to prepare the dish on a regular basis when he cooked for Prince Harry and Prince William in Kensington Palace.

McGrady also shared that he added a recipe for “chicken tikka masala pizza” in his second cookbook, The Royal Chef at Home, because Prince William loved Indian food, and he combined this dish with pizza.

This is not the first time that the chef talks about the Queen’s eating habits, as in the past, he has stated that Her Majesty tried to avoid foods with starch, and usually, she evaluated her meals by writing down what she approved of and what she did not.

Royal fans are applauding the Queen for her strict diet and attribute it to her long and healthy life.

A backer of the 94-year-old Queen had this kind remark: “The Queen is disciplined in everything she does. Her discipline extends to her diet. She has eaten the same things since childhood. Her love of a simple white fish with veggies for lunch, I believe, has aided in her longevity. We would do well to adapt her disciplined diet. 😉”

Another social media enthusiast stated: “Love HMTQ, but I’m shook about the never had pizza thing… 😱😂😂😂 She’s seriously missing out….”

With the COVID-19 pandemic getting a lot of attention, some say it is still nice to discover new things about the Queen. All of this makes her more relatable as she evaluates her next major move.


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