Kate Middleton And Prince William Share Tear-Jerking Video And Inadvertently Spark A Fight Over Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Drama

Prince William Kate Middleton Video Sparks Drama Harry Meghan Markle

This week, Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, decided to share a new video that sparked many different emotions.

The tear-jerking clip posted on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram account featured a father getting a loving embrace from his young son.

In the brief video, a man shows up to a soccer field, and when his son spots him in the crowd, the child runs as fast as he can to jump in his arms.

The caption accompanying the clip was confusing, which led to many royal fans believing that it was Prince William and his son, Prince George, sharing the special moment.

As it turns out, the video is actually the emotional reunion between Irish Guardsman Lcpl Laverty and his little boy.

The Irish Guards’ social media page had more details about the heartwarming moment: “Touching moment when Irish Guardsman Lcpl Laverty returns home to surprise his son in Northern Ireland. Maintaining #family and home life is recognised as a vital cornerstone in a rewarding career within the British Army. Lcpl Laverty is currently mid-way on an arduous and intensive machine guns course in Warminster, England.”

Note that in 2011, Prince William was appointed Colonel of the Irish Guards.

One royal fan had this wonderful comment: “The most precious jewels that can be worn around your neck are the arms of your children ❤️ what a beautiful moment – I’m teary here.”

A person, who shed some tears, penned this very honest note: “Currently in a puddle of tears.” This Instagrammer, who also cried, revealed: “Had me in tears! Absolutely beautiful.💙”

Sadly the sweet moment turned into a drama-filled post with this remark: “This is what’s so precious about Prince William and Duchess Catherine, it’s never about them and never do they make a huge fuss about what they have lost or cud have gained. They graciously take sweet little moments like these of general people and mightily them. This is what we’ve seen in the still hold project and all their other campaigns. Original ideas cause they to listen to people. If world leaders were like these two, what a beautiful place we wud have lived in. Absolute blessings The Cambridges.”

Some supporters of the royal family are tired of the fights and asked William and Kate to step up and do something about the insults being hurled at Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: “You people really can’t let it go. Could you actually comment on anything they post without trying to put down the others! Don’t answer. That’s a rhetorical question. The fact that they continue to allow it says a lot about them and why the others left. At this point, the world can see why there was an issue and who the real problem ones are.”

It is said that the situation is still tense between the two brothers.


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