Blake Shelton Is Unrecognizable In Photo That He Posted Before Special Moment He Shared With Gwen Stefani, Some Still Brought It Back To His Ex-Wife, Miranda Lambert

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton The Voice Old Hairstyle

Gwen Stefani has one tough question to answer after her longtime boyfriend, Blake Shelton, took to social media and shared a surprising photo of himself.

The country music star posted a picture taken a few years ago, and he looked unrecognizable with very long curly hair.

Shelton, who went for the romantic cowboy look, wore a brown shirt, matching leather jacket, jeans, and, of course, he had the giant belt buckle.

He completed the look with a big cowboy hat, and while his feet are not visible in the photo, it is easy to guess that he wore boots for the occasion.

While some might find the attire a bit odd, it was perfect for the red carpet event that Stefani’s beau attented, which was the ACM Awards.

Via the caption, Shelton asked fans should he bring back the retro mullet hairstyle.

Fans screamed and yelled a loud no to Shelton and asked him to keep that ridiculous coif in the past where it belongs.

One follower told The Voice coach: “This is the Blake Shelton that I feel in love with ❤️🔥❤️
But I have to say NOOOOO!!! For the love of God. NO!! By the way, Blake needs to step up, go to the jewelry store now and buy a ring engagement ring surprise Gwen with a proposal today right now.”

This backer made things abundantly clear with the following comment: “Absolutely Not…No…No…You’re a Gorgeous looking Man do not bring back that Ridiculous hairstyle…🐎❤🐎”

A third commenter explained that Stefani should have a say on the matter and added: “Um, I would ask Gwen what she thinks about that. To be honest, though, I love you, but please don’t.”

Other social media users brought up Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, in the conversation because they did not wish for her to attend this year’s ACM.

A supporter wrote: “Miranda’s fans let go of the past and get over Blake stay away from ACM.” Another commenter chimed in: “Miranda should get over Blake.”

The country crooner and his lady love delighted fans at the award show with their debut performance of “Happy Anywhere.”

Shelton, who won Single of the Year, showered his girlfriend with love in his acceptance speech, saying: “Thank you, Gwen Stefani, for encouraging me to keep doing this and inspiring me and continuing to be my inspiration.”

According to the latest reports, the power couple is adjusting to a new reality after moving in together earlier this year.


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