President Donald Trump’s Fans Are Angry After Melania Trump Loses Cherished Status To Kamala Harris In New Photos

President Donald Trump Melania Trump Kamala Harris Fashion

As a former model, First Lady Melania Trump had a leg-up in the fashion game, but it seems that she is losing her precious title of a political fashion icon since Kamala Harris stepped into the ring.

Recently, the Democratic vice presidential nominee for the 2020 election went viral and grabbed positive headlines for her choice of footwear.

Kamala Harris Melania Trump Timberland Boots

Harris appeared in a brief video where she descended a private plane as she arrived in her native California to talk about the devasting wildfires.

The senator had people in awe with her simple and toned down outfit.

Harris opted for a white tank top, an olive jacket, black jeans, and won the Internet over with Timberland boots.

Harris has also rocked Classic Chucks by Converse, much to the delight of her female supporters who love comfortable shoes instead of the fancy high heels that Melania is famous for. Backers of Harris went wild over the boots.

Melania Trump Timberland Boots Kamala Harris

They showered her with compliments for looking like a boss and sticking to flat shoes like everyday women who have to multitask being busy working mothers.

A Democrat shared this comment: “She has it all Brains ..confidence . Energy .. and lots of style…It’s all about the Chucks!!!”

This social media user explained: “It’s the bop out of the plane for me. She rolled off the plane like a boss!!!! Melania could never. Lol. Man. I haven’t had a pair of Timbs in ages. I may need to get me a pair.”

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#bidenharris2020 those timbs tho 💪🏾 #timbs

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This backer penned the following message: “Her stride is cool and confident👍🏿👍🏿, Rocking the sneakers!! I’m stealing that look. New fashion queen.”

A fourth observer added: “Fierce shoe game 🔥🔥Works better than heels! 👏🏼👏🏼”

Fans of Melania are upset because she also wore the iconic boots, and she was mocked. Amy Kremer, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump, took to Twitter to defend her point of view.

She wrote: “I’ve never see such media bias in my life… Over #timberland boots! Freaking shoes, people. Shoes! USA Today‘s headline on Harris read, “Timbs and Converse? Kamala Harris sports boots after wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars,” while the newspaper’s headline about the first lady read, “Workboots and white jeans? Melania Trump’s outfits still missing the mark.”

Kremer went to explain: “It’s no wonder the American people don’t trust the media. I know this isn’t really about the boots. But the boots show the extreme #mediabias. The media will go to any length to push their own agenda. This is disgusting. As I said in an earlier tweet, it’s no wonder Americans don’t trust them.”

Some experts say since Melania is a former model, the fashion bar might be higher for her.


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