Troubled Kate Middleton Uncle Goes After Prince Harry And Meghan Markle For This Surprising Reason

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Kate Middleton Uncle Gary Goldsmith

Kate Middleton is a private woman who avoids tabloids and the media, but not all the members of her family abide by these rules.

Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, did an interview where he poured gasoline on the royal family’s already-shattered relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The businessman, who was once arrested after he acted “like a nasty drunk” and punched his wife unconscious, has decided to share all that is in his heart and head about Harry and Meghan.

The controversial multi-millionaire went on a profanity-laced rant where he called the power couple muppets and told them to shut the f*ck up.

Goldsmith, who is not a fan of Harry and Meghan, is particularly angry at them for the recent remarks they made about England.

Talking from their California mansion, the couple said it was time to end to “structural racism” in Britain.

During a conversation about Black Lives Matter movement, Harry confessed that he was not aware of the amount of race-related problems that exist in his country and mentioned his white privilege.

The Duke of Sussex stated: “I wasn’t aware of so many of the issues and so many of the problems within the UK and also globally as well. I thought I did, but I didn’t. You know, when you go into a shop with your children, and you only see white dolls, do you even think: ‘That’s weird, there is not a black doll there?'”

He added: “And I use that as just one example of where we as white people don’t always have the awareness of what it must be like for someone else of a different colored skin, of a black skin, to be in the same situation as we are where the world that we know has been created by white people for white people.”

Goldsmith, who was frustrated with the remarks that Harry made, took to social media to lash out.

He wrote: “With so much stuff going on in the world, still these two muppets are craving attention! Please shut the F up and bring up your child. Stop talking and being so demanding!! Harry, you have lost our love and respect. Meghan, you are wrong. Now hush, please we are kinda busy saving lives and the economy.”

Goldsmith later did an interview with the Daily Mail, where he did not hold back.

He said: “I totally stand by everything I wrote. I used to have a lot of respect for Harry and his army career, but this new Harry is someone I don’t recognize.”

He went on to explain: “I find it totally frustrating when we are trying to save lives and look after UK PLC, to be lectured daily on any topic they deem to be important. They have abdicated the UK for the US and obviously don’t give a damn about the Royal family.”

Goldsmith concluded by saying that he is tired of the lectures and added: “We’ve all had enough of them lecturing us. You can’t sell your soul to Netflix for a reported £150 million ($194 million) and then dictate to Mother England.”

Kensington Palace refused to comment on the matter.


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