Vanessa Bryant Is Shamed Over This Powerful Photo

Vanessa Bryant Ciara Breastfeeding Photo Mom Shamers

An army of mom-shamers on the Internet seems to never sleep and will go after any woman even if she is grieving.

This week, Vanessa Bryant appeared in a rare photo with her good friend, Ciara.

Kobe Bryant‘s widow and the singer took the cute picture while onboard a private plane and they are breastfeeding their children.

Ciara was giving milk to her newborn son, Win, while Vanessa was feeding her 15-month-old daughter, Capri — the close friends had their babies draped with blankets.

Russell Wilson‘s wife captioned the photo: “Got Milk?:)” The picture showing how powerful friendship and motherhood can be quickly went viral.

Many praised Vanessa for being strong and still be able to produce milk after the devastating loss of her husband, Kobe, and their daughter, Gianna Bryant.

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Got Milk?:) @vanessabryant #MomLife đŸ„°

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Others applauded Ciara for being an amazing friend and being present for Vanessa and her girls during this difficult time.

A few critics decided to shame Vanessa for breastfeeding her daughter, who is a toddler.

One of the naysayers had this to say: “Smdh head. I can’t believe Vanessa still breastfeeding that baby ain’t she like one.”

A group of mothers and women have rallied around Vanessa to defend her. A backer had this clap-back for the angry and uneducated commenters: “The amount of women in here trying to shame and question Vanessa Bryant for continuing to breastfeed her daughter is absolutely RIDICULOUS. Y’all clearly don’t have children, or else you wouldn’t be making such ignorant comments.đŸ€ŠđŸ»â€â™€ïž”

This person chimed in to share: “These women are so uneducated on breastfeeding. Feeding until and 2 is NORMAL in most places. American women have some serious “mis”-education they need to deal with. Even our doctors don’t know enough about breastfeeding. Such a pity.”

Another social media user interjected: “Are you saying we should be feeding our children milk from an animal as opposed to a mom feeding her baby her milk from her breast, her body? Society has been messing us up for DECADES telling us to drink cows milk. It’s unhealthy to consume cow’s milk. Do some research n stop your IGNORANCE.”

An expert on the matter schooled others on the topic of breastfeeding by saying: “You are mistaken. And apparently, you’re not breastfeeding. Babies and toddlers need breastmilk, or formula, at least till 2.5 years. And even after this, breastfeeding continues to be nutritiously relevant. Breastfeeding moms don’t keep breastfeeding “bc they want that attachment.” They keep breastfeeding because their child needs to, and nothing (as beneficial) can replace it.”

Vanessa can always count on some enthusiastic backers.


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