‘Silence Of The Lambs’ House Is On Sale As Fans Eagerly Await The Sequel Series

Silence Of The Lambs House For Sale Clarice Series CBS

Fans of Hannibal Lecter with more money to spend might be delighted to hear that the house used to film Silence of the Lambs, perhaps the most iconic entry in the trilogy, has been put up for sale.

It is interesting to note that the house has been in use all the time since 1991 when the film was produced and has been listed for a price of a little under $300,000.

It is not known if the owners are using the house’s fame to boost its value, although many have claimed that it would be smart of them to do so.

There is no shortage of people who might be interested in purchasing the property just because of its history, and the fact that it has apparently been maintained properly for the last three decades is certainly a nice bonus to that as well.

The four-bedroom home, that sits on 1.7 acres in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, is not that impressive on its own, which is why its association with the film has been brought up so often in discussions about it.

It will be interesting to see who ends up purchasing it and whether they would have any prior interest in the film at all.

Real estate agent Eileen Allan and her sister, Shannon Assad, are working with Berkshire Hathaway to sell the famous creepy home just in time for Halloween.

Allan explained: “You walk in there, and it feels like you’re in a time warp or something. It’s very vintage feeling but in pristine condition, with wallpaper on every wall, and it feels like you’re walking back in history with all the built-ins and woodwork.”

Allan went on to reveal: “In the movie, they kind of trashed the house and made it look really neglected and kind of destroyed inside. It’s way nicer in person.”

It may end up in the hands of someone who has not even heard of the movie, especially given the length of time that has passed since its release. However, many fans of the film have expressed hopes that whoever does purchase it is going to keep its iconic spirit alive.

In 2021, Clarice, a Silence of the Lambs sequel series, will air on CBS. The show will follow Clarice Starling after the events of the classic film.

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman explained that it will be a “sense of emotional psychology,” and added: “The title of the pilot is ‘The Silence Is Over,’ and that’s actually what we want the outline for the show to be. It’s ‘Clarice Starling is finally speaking,’ and she’s exploring lots of new things about herself after the trauma of Buffalo Bill.”

Fans are hoping that the new series will deliver.


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