Jasmine Sanders Drops Her Clothes In Breathtaking Photos To Show Off Her Body Transformation

Jasmine Sanders Body Transformation Photos

Jasmine Sanders is proud of her curves, and she is not afraid to flaunt them.

On Tuesday, the famous Sports Illustrated model took to Instagram, where she posted a series of dazzling bikini photos.

The model, also known as Golden Barbie, opted for a tiny black and white bikini that featured string detailing and left nothing to the imagination.

Posing in front of a mirror, Jasmine Sanders made sure to give a good look of her fit body and booty.

She also did a massive photo dump where she posted numerous bikini photos from her lavish Caribbean vacation.

In one photo, she removes her clothes to soak in a jacuzzi.

Recently, Jasmine Sanders let the world know that she is the biggest fan of her own body.

The German-American beauty shared a few stunning selfies with which she declared her love for herself.

The 29-year-old model put her incredible curves on display as she wore a skimpy two-piece swimsuit that could barely contain her assets and accentuated on her backside.

The blonde bombshell looked at the camera from over her shoulder, and her eyes remained hidden behind a pair of fashionable sunglasses while her hair was tied in a high ponytail.

In the title of her post, Jasmine wrote a lengthy message that started with “Booty Appreciation Post: It’s the gainz for me!! I LOVE MY BODY!!” but the model continued by explaining that was not always the case.

It seems that Sanders was celebrating the fact that she finally learned to value her body after a long time of doubting herself and “stressing out” about what other people thought of her and her figure.

Jasmine also confessed that even though she has now fully accepted her outlook, there were still days when she felt extremely bloated, and sometimes she felt ready to “conquer the world.”

She wrote: “Booty Appreciation Post: It’s the gainz for me!! I LOVE MY BODY!! I love seeing my body change and learning to embrace every bit of it. Over the years, I’ve seen my body transform. Some saying I’m too skinny or too curvy for my job… bending over backwards to meet requirements. Stressing myself out emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

She added: “I stand proud in the mirror today with my ass smiling at everyone that ever had anything to say about my body. (And those who still do) Some days I feel extremely bloated and other days, I feel like I can conquer the world. Every stretch mark, every spider vein, every scar, and every mole makes me, Me! And I love ME.”

Sanders concluded her message with the words, “Every stretch mark, every spider vein, every scar, and every mole makes me, Me! And I love ME.”

The model recently made headlines with her flourishing romance, as it was reported that her relationship with Anthony Rhoades was getting better than ever.

Apparently, Rhoades, who works as a celebrity fitness instructor, was able to help Sanders with valuable training advice, and she could later proudly post the results of the workouts on social media.


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