Jennifer Lopez And Fiancé Alex Rodriguez Are Facing A New Problem As They Try To Save Their Relationship After Leaked Photos Show That They Are Eying The Wedding Aisle

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Thinking About Wedding Again

Jennifer Lopez is currently living in the Dominican Republic, where she is filming the comedy action movie Shotgun Wedding.

Lopez has been seen with fiancé Alex Rodriguez on several occasions in leaked photos kissing and hugging, causing fans to rejoice because they have saved their high-profile relationship.

A reliable source has spoken to PEOPLE Magazine and revealed that while the famous couple is doing everything in their power to stay together, they have been hit with a minor issue — having a long-distance relationship.

The engaged power couple is determined to make it to the wedding aisle and live happily ever after. According to the insider, the former athlete and the singer/actress have made salvaging their relationship their top priority.

However, they now have an unexpected problem to deal with. Jennifer Lopez has to remain on the Caribbean island for several weeks to film scenes for Shotgun Wedding, while Alex Rodriguez needs to be in Miami to do his job as a top-paid sports commentator.

The person familiar with the complicated situation revealed to the publication: “They are doing everything they can to prioritize their relationship. He flew back to spend a few more days with Jennifer.”

Rodriguez needs to be in the United States before Major League Baseball kicks off the 2021 season on April 1.

The source claimed: “He is making a big effort, and he wants Jennifer to be happy.”

Jennifer Lopez is expected to stay on the island until the end of April, according to her staff member.

More than a week ago, it was reported that she had broken up with the former MLB player, to whom she has been engaged for two years.

The couple put out a statement the day after, publicly denying the claims and confirming they were still together.

J-Lo and A-Rod had planned to get married last year, but their wedding was canceled twice because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Several weeks ago, rumors began that Alex Rodriguez had been texting Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy.

A source has said that J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez are “far away from planning another wedding” but are working through a rough patch following infidelity rumors.

Jennifer Lopez has shared photos on Instagram from her latest promotional content as she modeled a pair of stunning wedge heels in a sexy photo shoot.

The 51-year-old singer and actress modeled the chic black-grey wedge heels, tagging DSW Designer Shoes Warehouse with whom she has the collaboration.

J-Lo also tagged photographers Richard Burbridge and Ana Carballosa, who had each taken one of the two snaps.

Jennifer Lopez was wearing the same outfit in both photos — a black bra top with a matching jacket and leggings set, which had many holes in the fabric and, therefore, revealing her toned figure and even her underwear.

She captioned the photo saying that she was on “cloud nine” while talking about the fashion collaboration and included a cloud emoji.

Recently, she gave her 147 million Instagram followers a glimpse into the set of Shotgun Wedding, her upcoming movie with Josh Duhamel, by posting two photos of herself surrounding by a film crew on a beach.


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