Kylie Jenner Is Obsessed With Getting Pregnant With Baby Number 2 As Travis Scott Drops Everything To Focus On His Family

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Baby Number 2

After Travis Scott went viral, with a video showing off his elaborate Batman costume, he decided to delete his popular Instagram account. Many people wondered what pushed Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend to make such a drastic move.

Rumors ran wild, claiming that the rapper left social media because he was angry at the mean comments about the brown outfit.

Many supporters quickly showed support for Kylie’s baby daddy when he left the social media platform.

A person reached out to the MC after the reports that bullies pushed him to shut down the page.

This fan stated: “Y’all really bullied Travis Scott off Instagram? I don’t really like the suit itself, but if the man is feeling like a damn billionaire/superhero, let him enjoy his sh*t. Y’all are weird man, like it’s for Halloween too. what’d you dress up as? could you even afford it this year?? just whack.”

Another reaction from a supporter, who is upset over the insults, read: “:( He was just trying have some fun… why yall so insincere.. he’s a f*cking human being with feelings. You all flame him but that costume probably costs more than your car.”

Other people believed that the Texan rapper took the decision because he was getting ready to drop new music.

However, a close source spoke to Page Six and explained that the artist deleted the account because he wants to focus on his family, including Kylie and their 2-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

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The insider claimed Travis deactivated his social media because he is “focusing on his family.” The family friend continued: “Halloween had nothing to do with it. He is focusing on his family and their well-being and wants to influence his fans to do the same instead of being so consumed with social media.”

The source went on to say that Travis feels it is “important to step away from social media, especially during such a critical time in the world right now.”

Fans cannot help but read between the lines because Kylie also made headlines the same week when she revealed that she is obsessed with getting pregnant with baby number 2.

Kylie appeared on a famous beauty vlog and confessed that she thinks about having another child with Travis every day.

The billionaire revealed: “She’s the best baby of all time. She’s smart beyond her years. She’s a little over two and a half now. I’m getting to the… I’m excited for her to grow up, but I’m really sad at the same time.” James then asked. I want more so bad.”

Kylie added: “I want more so bad. I actually think about it every day. I just still like don’t know when. I’m not planning; I don’t have a time for that to happen. You can’t like not to want more almost.”

Kylie always seems to know what she wants in life.


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