Katie Hill Admits To Affair With Campaign Aide Amid ‘Throuple’ Scandal

Katie Hill House Aide Graham Kelly

Congresswoman Katie Hill has recently come under fire after reports surfaced implicating her in participating in a “throuple,” a love triangle involving her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep, and a young female staff member.

Details are not very clear. Still, the situation had been ongoing for quite a while, and neither party in the “incident” had any negative feelings about it, except the California politician is now caught in a bitter divorce.

Things reportedly evolved into a full-blown long-term relationship between the three, although, as most know, the conclusion to the whole story was a bit less pleasant for the married couple, as they ended up divorcing.

A photo has come out showing Hill, a proud bisexual, kissing the young staffer, while another shows her nude and brushing her hair.

Many have called out Hill for her inappropriate behavior, and some have even claimed that she has no place in Congress after this has come to light.

However, not everyone has been that critical of the freshman congresswoman, with some expressing sympathy for her over the way the media were treating her.

More reports have come out afterward, indicating that there might have been even more inappropriate relationships behind the scenes, and on both sides of the marriage.

In the end, observers say these two were not meant for each other, although there have also been speculations that they might still be carrying on with their deeds behind the scenes.

Some have even theorized that the divorce was nothing more than a façade, but not many seem convinced of that.

The rising liberal star has admitted to a consensual “inappropriate” relationship with a campaign staffer, but she denied doing anything with a House aide.

If this were the case, she would have violated House ethics rules. The House Ethics Committee is doing an investigation into the allegations against Hill.

The House Ethics Committee stated: “[We] are aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff.”

Her critics claim that she was involved with a House aide. Naysayers insist that Hill had a separate affair with her legislative director, Graham Kelly.

Katie Hill Admits Affair With Campaign Staff

In a statement, she denied this angle by saying: “Allegations that I have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kelly are absolutely false.”

Hill sent a letter to her constituents, asking them to stand with her in the middle of this fight that could affect her reelection chances.

One critic replied with: “Now I know why nothing is done about the homeless situation in your district, you’re too busy brushing a staffer’s hair naked. 😏”

An enthusiast back shared: “I’m sending my support to you from a Democrat in District 4 of California, I know that you will make it through this and continue doing a great job for your District.”

It will be interesting to see if more things come out in the upcoming weeks in regards to Hill’s behavior.


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