Angry Queen Elizabeth Is Fighting To Keep This 33-Year-Old Tradition Alive, But She Is Facing An Uphill Battle

Queen Elizabeth Christmas Drama Staff

The year 2020 has forced Queen Elizabeth II to cancel one of her favorite events due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In all likelihood, Her Majesty will not be able to host her famous family Christmas at Sandringham — the event would be off for the first time in 33 years.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, have been in quarantine or a bubble at Windsor Castle.

The Queen may have to cross out her annual tradition because of a mini-revolt by 20 staffers who were asked to sacrifice their happiness and their precious time with their family to work throughout the year-end holidays.

The employees were asked to isolate in the Norfolk estate without seeing their loved ones for four weeks, so they could eventually work on Christmas, and they refused.

Without enough staff, the Queen cannot have her coronavirus bubble over Christmas, which means the fancy Sandringham gathering is up in the air.

A royal insider had the following to say about the matter: “We have been told not to expect them back for Christmas.”

Another explained that the Queen has not been able to reach an agreement with the staff, and therefore The Queen will celebrate the holidays at Windsor Castle for the first time in 33 years.

The person with knowledge of the story shared: “Nothing has been resolved as staff are still refusing to quarantine from their families. So it’s looking almost certain they can’t have Christmas inside the big house at Sandringham. It is possible, of course, to arrange a smaller one for Philip and the Queen at Wood Farm cottage.”

The source added: “But moving the Queen and Duke to Windsor, where they know the bubble works, makes it simpler to start planning to stay there for Christmas.”

A third royal source told The Sun: “The Queen is furious. The staff said enough is enough. It is absolutely unprecedented. Everybody wants to stay loyal, but they feel they’ve been pushed too far by being made to isolate from their families for Christmas. Discussions are taking place with the team on operational matters, but it is too early to speculate on implications for Christmas.”

The Queen is known to be a fighter with a fist of steel, which is why it is not surprising to learn that she is doing her best to get her Christmas wish.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman had this response to cancellation chatter: “No final decision has been taken on Christmas.”

Supporters of the British Royal Family say it might not be wise to go on with the celebrations.


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