State To Seek Death Penalty For Man Accused Of Killing His Wife And Drowning Her 4 Children

Michael Wayne Jones Jr Casei Jones Murder Charges

The case of Casei Jones, a mother from Florida who was found dead in her husband’s van, just got even more tragic — as it has been confirmed that her spouse, Michael Wayne Jones Jr., 38, killed her and their four innocent children.

While initial reports that came out mid-September claimed that authorities were still looking for the woman’s four children — Cameron Bowers, 10, Preston Bowers, 5, Mercalli Jones, 2, and 1-year-old Aiyana Jones. Several days ago, an update was given revealing that the authorities had discovered the kids as well -– and they were all dead.

The bodies were found after the woman’s husband voluntarily brought authorities to the place where they were held, although the exact location had not been revealed to the public.

The children had not been identified with complete certainty yet, but authorities had a good reason to believe that they were indeed the four missing children of the deceased woman, aged between 1 and 10 years.

The working theory of investigators at the time on the case was that Jones Jr. had carried out all horrific acts on his own, murdering his family at their home in Summerfield.

Afterward, according to authorities, he left the bodies of the children at home and had Casei’s corpse in his van for some time, and eventually took it to Georgia.

Police became suspicious when the woman’s family reported her missing, claiming that it had been several weeks since they had last heard from her.

The woman’s husband was involved in a traffic accident shortly afterward, leading to his capture and interview by authorities.

The man was reportedly cooperative in the investigation, and it did not take long for authorities to find the missing bodies after he pointed them to the location. His motives for carrying out the gruesome act remain unknown.

According to Marion County Courthouse authorities, Jones Jr. has been charged with the death of his wife and has been slapped with four counts of first-degree premeditated homicide for the killings of his two children and two stepchildren.

The detectives working on the case have put out more information and explained that Jones Jr. did indeed act alone and killed his entire family alone and revealed the causes of deaths of the victims.

The man first murdered his wife by blunt-force trauma on July 10. On July 11, he decided to take the lives of the two oldest children by strangling them. The mass murderer waited two weeks later to kill the two youngest children by drowning them.

This week, after a grand jury indicted Jones Jr., the state attorney’s office revealed that it will seek the death penalty.

Jones Jr. is still at the Marion County Jail in Ocala.


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