Queen Elizabeth Made Devastating Confession About Abdication And Why She Would Turn Over The Throne To Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth Abdication Confessions Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II will not ever step down from her role as the most senior member of the royal family, except in two specific circumstances, a royal biographer revealed.

In his recent book, The Queen, royal author Matthew Dennison writes that Her Majesty would only abdicate the throne if she got Alzheimer’s or had a stroke.

The monarch is in excellent health for her age, having turned 95 years old earlier this year. Next year, she will mark 70 years of being on the throne, after being crowned Queen in February 1952.

She committed to a life of royal duty at the age of 25 years after the death of her father, George VI, and has become the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Matthew Dennison writes in his new biography that the Queen once told a cousin that only Alzheimer’s or a stroke would force her to retire from her royal duties.

It is a position which many royal experts have reiterated in recent years, with speculation around retirement on the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016 being shut down by many commentators who have said she would never abdicate.

The Queen told former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey that she would “carry on to the end,” following his retirement in 2003 from the most senior role in the Church of England.

Dennison said Queen Elizabeth made this confession: “In her ninth decade, Elizabeth continued to dedicate herself to the same principles. She did not contemplate abdication, she told her cousin Margaret Rhodes, ‘unless I get Alzheimer’s or have a stroke. On his retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003, she explained to George Carey, ‘that’s something I can’t do. I’m going to carry on to the end’.”

When Prince Philip passed away in April this year, royal experts did not suggest the Queen would even consider stepping down from her role.

Historian Hugo Vickers said that she will continue to be “our Queen for as long as possible.”

The royal expert continued: “I can assure you the Queen will not abdicate. There is every indication the Queen is in extremely good health, and with luck, she will continue to be our Queen for as long as possible.”

While royal expert Robert Jobson stated, the monarch will remain in her position “until the day she dies.”

Next year, Queen Elizabeth II will mark 70 years on the throne, celebrating her Platinum Jubilee.

Prince Charles is set to be crowned King of England after the Queen can no longer serve because of health issues or otherwise.

Prince Charles is in the history books as the longest-serving heir apparent to the British throne — he has been waiting over 68 years to become king.


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