Meghan Markle’s Major Confession Might Lead To Some Embarrassing Trouble

Meghan Markle Collaborated On Book About Her And Prince Harry

According to court documents, the Duchess of Sussex has allegedly confessed that she was involved with the creation of the controversial biography Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Family by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie.

Meghan Markle, who previously claimed that she never collaborated or met with Durand and Scobie, now revealed that she asked a trusted person to deliver some personal information about her to the authors of the book.

The former actress did so because she wanted “the true position…could be communicated to the authors to prevent any further misrepresentation”.

Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex was afraid that the biography would take the side of her estranged father, who maintained that she had deserted him and refused to speak to him.

As a result, the wife of Prince Harry decided to spill the beans about what really happened between her and her father to a third party who could later give the correct information to Scobie and Durand.

The news of Meghan’s involvement with the creation of the book might affect her ongoing court battle with the Associated Newspaper for printing a personal message to her father in The Mail of Sunday.

According to the former senior royal, the publishing of her correspondence to Thomas Markle violated her rights of copyright and privacy.

However, the legal team of the publisher fired back by stating that Meghan herself acted against her own privacy by leaking information to the authors of the biography via a third party.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s lawyers maintained that the Duchess of Sussex has never personally collaborated with the writers, nor has her husband.

Royals fans are having a field day with the revelation.

A person, who is stunned by Meghan’s action, stated: “The lies this woman throws without any thought is atrocious. And embarrassing.”

This social media user predicts that she is in for a nasty surprise and explained: “I hope the newspapers blast her out the water. The constant lying that she does all the time is exhausting, and if she thinks she can mess with our judge and our court system, she has a rude awakening coming.”

Another pointed to the legal headache that Meghan might have created for herself: “Her story has changed so many times; even this is obviously true, it’s gotten to a point where you can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. You have to wonder what her ulterior motive is changing her story now. If she thinks that this will wreck the Mails’ case and propel her to a summary judgment, then she’s in for a rude awakening.”

This Instagrammer, who seems to follow the case, added: “She’s now admitted to cooperating with Scoobie, add to the fact that it’s proof that she leaked court information to him to tweet before it even became public knowledge. It’s hilarious how she continually throws Scoobie under the bus, chopping and changing her story, which ends up making him look like a clueless lying fool. Hopefully, this will be the final straw that breaks the camels back. If she’s leaking information to Scoobie, one has to ask where he came up with Meghan writing that letter for the public to read; she must have told him that herself.”

The power couple might not return to England anytime soon because of all this drama.


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