Elizabeth Hurley Confirms With This Video That She Does Not Like Wearing Clothes

Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Video Travel

It seems that Elizabeth Hurley went on vacation with a suitcase filled with only bikinis.

As the global rules for travel started to become a little more relaxed, many people have been taking the opportunity to enjoy some time off and explore the world once more.

It appears like the pandemic has done a lot to fuel the hunger to travel, discover amazing places in many.

It should come as no surprise that celebrities are at the forefront of people taking advantage of countries’ reopening and enjoying themselves to their full potential.

Hurley was recently spotted in a stunning peach bikini on vacation in Latvia. The ageless beauty posted a brief clip where she is jumping out of the water to show her fantastic figure.

And she has managed to draw a lot of attention with the video from her trip, sparking a lot of interest in her fans.

It has been some time since supporters have seen Hurley out in the open, and it looks like the reveal came as a very refreshing one for many of her followers.

Hurley herself has reportedly been doing fine in the current situation, although she is also affected by the pandemic in various ways, much like many other people.

She is one of the celebrities who like to maintain an air of privacy around themselves and is not too open about her private life in general, which is why any new videos of this type are usually met with a lot of excitement from all of her followers.

This time was no exception, with many people still actively commenting on the photos and sharing them around the Internet.

“You don’t like wearing clothes much, do you, babe?,” joked a fan.

“Elizabeth, my love. I send much love ❤️ and light 💡 your way. Go forth, therefore merrily rejoicing in that love and light,” claimed another social media user.

“I don’t know what you’re rooting for… but I’m on your side! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻When I look at you, Elizabeth in a bikini, I forget my name,” wrote this supporter.

Fans are saying hopefully they will see even more of Hurley in the near future. The iconic model really wants things to get back to normal quickly.

She shared a throwback photo on Sunday where she is wearing a leopard print bikini and she used the following caption: “Memories of happy, Covid free times, shooting bikinis on the beach.”

Hurley was really affected by the UK’s travel ban.


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