Tomi Lahren Is Accused Of Using Her Looks To Score Political Points — Backers Say She Is Young And Beautiful And Should Flaunt It all While She Got It

Tomi Lahren NASCAR Josh Bilicki President Donald Trump

Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren is passionate not only about her political views, being controversial, loving President Donald Trump, but also a huge fan of NASCAR.

The Republican darling and Fox Nation host revealed her interest in stock car racing via a new picture on her Instagram profile that showed the 28-year-old posing with NASCAR star Josh Bilicki.

Apparently, Lahren’s goal was to spread awareness of Bilicki’s next race, in which he plans to honor police officers who were killed while on duty.

In the picture, the conservative could be seen posing with the 25-year-old race driver and his team’s owner in front of Bilicki’s new racing car that was designed to represent a police cruiser.

Titled with “Glad there is still a few sports out there unafraid to support law enforcement PROUDLY! Thank you @joshbilicki and the Wounded Blue for never backing down! If supporting law enforcement is “controversial,” SO BE IT,” the post was quickly liked by thousands of Instagram users, and many praised Lahren for her actions.

One excited follower thanked Lahren for “being such an awesome American,” while others concentrated on her physical beauty, as another fan stated, “Most beautiful woman in Nashville.”

This is not the first time that Lahren’s activity on social media makes headlines as recently she shared a provocative video clip on Instagram in which she expressed her support for Mr. Trump by holding sheets of paper that read “It’s Not Over” in reference to the controversy surrounding the 2020 presidential election.

The commentator titled her video clip with the message, “I firmly believe what is done in the dark will be brought to light. It’s. Not. Over. #TeamTomi #Trump2020 #EndVoterFraud #Itsnotover.”

Not too long ago, she angered many with a photoshoot where she is wearing nothing but a flag. Lahren also went heavy on filters and critics said she was using her body and good looks to make her points.

A social user media pointed out: “Lol. Is this really about police and politics or how the pretty filter and flag make you look😂😂 how are women ever supposed to be taken seriously with people like you taking glamour shots to get noticed and pretending it’s about serious issue?.”

Many supporters told Lahren she is young and beautiful and she should flaunt it because looks will fade away one day.

Experts still say that Lahren has a promising future in the conservative movement although not many people can describe what it looks like.


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