Prince Harry Makes A Move For Peace With Prince William After Joining This Fight

Prince Harry William Princess Diana Interview

Prince Harry is letting the world know he backs his sibling for the sake of the legacy and memory of his late mother, Princess Diana, and he is uniting with his almost estranged brother, Prince William — well, publicly at least.

The royal family has been focused on the controversial Panorama interview that Princess Diana took part in over 25 years ago.

The interview was conducted by BBC journalist Martin Bashir under bizarre circumstances. It appears that documents were forged, and lies were told to get Diana to sit down and spill many royal secrets.

During the infamous interview, Diana spoke about her crumbling marriage to Prince Charles and revealed that he was having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and she had a lover — James Hewitt.

According to royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey, William “wept” while watching the sad interview and that “something inside him snapped.”

Last week, BBC finally made a move to get to the bottom of the scandalous story. The network hired former British Supreme Court Judge John Dyson, Lord Dyson, to investigate the matter.

Following the announcement, William issued a statement explaining that he was looking forward to discovering the results of the inquiry.

He said: “The independent investigation is a step in the right direction. It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and subsequent decisions taken by those in the BBC at the time.”

Critics were quick to slam Meghan Markle‘s husband, Prince Harry, for not publicly commenting on the drama and for not adding his name to William’s statement.

Harry had a family friend who spoke to PEOPLE Magazine to say he is backing William, and he is allowed to keep some feelings private.

The source told the publication: “Sadly, some people are not just seeing this as a drive for truth, but also trying to use this as an opportunity to try to drive a wedge between the brothers.”

The insider went on to share: “You do not need a public statement to imagine how he is feeling privately; people know how much his mother means to him. He has bravely spoken out in the past about loss and grief, and the immense impact it has had on him.”

At this point, some observers see this move as a form of detente between the brothers. Will this last for a while? It is not clear.


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