Reese Witherspoon Shares Rare Pictures Of All Her Children As She Mulls Big Career Move

Reese Witherspoon Ava Might Get In Politics

Reese Witherspoon recently melted her numerous social media followers’ hearts as the star from Big Little Lies posted an adorable photograph of her 21-year-old daughter, Ava, and 8-year-old son, Tennessee.

The picture showed the two siblings sitting together and smiling happily on a bench in their mother’s lavish garden. Still, fans of the Legally Blonde actress were more impressed that Ava looked exactly like her famous mother.

The snap quickly gathered thousands of Likes, and many rushed to the comment section to compliment the beautiful progeny of the 44-year-old actress.

Apparently, a lot of Witherspoon’s supporters initially confused Ava for her mother, as one admirer stated, “Straight up thought that was you and your son at first.” Another one commented, “I didn’t read the caption and thought you were your daughter. The seven millionth person to make that mistake, I’m sure!”.

This is far from the first time that Ava has been mistaken for her mother, as back in 2017 when the two of them attended the debut of Big Little Lies in Hollywood, many thought Ava to be Witherspoon.

Following the event, Witherspoon talked about how often fans thought Ava was her: “People come up to her [all the time]. We were at a premiere, and they congratulated her on her performance. She’s like ‘I’m not in the movie.'”

However, the celebrity explained that it was not likely for her eldest child to become a movie star like her and her father, but still, she was “very supportive” of their careers.

Witherspoon also delighted fans with a few photos featuring all her three children — Deacon, Ava, and Tennessee looking happy and spending quality time together.

Reese Witherspoon Daughter And Sons

The actress shares Ava and 17-year-old son Deacon with actor Ryan Phillippe, but they ended their relationship after almost a decade together. She married Jim Toth in 2011.

Witherspoon made headlines by revealing that she might run for office one day. In an interview on the SmartLess podcast, she spoke about some of her ideas and why she would throw her hat in the ring.

Reese Witherspoon Daughter And Sons With Husband

She confessed: “I would never say never, because I don’t know where I’m going to be when I’m, you know, 65. I think we need better representation and balance. Women are 50 percent of the population, but we’re not 50 percent of the representation in government, which is bizarre, particularly when they’re adjudicating over our bodies. And the lack of representation of people of color, who make up a large, almost majority of this country. What about balance, you know? Just yin and yang. Male, female balance.”

Witherspoon seems to know what she wants going forward.


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