Danielle Lloyd Takes Drastic Measures On Social Media After Backlash Over Inappropriate Birthday Celebration

Danielle Lloyd Social Media Backlash Inappropriate Birthday Celebration

Danielle Lloyd has attracted a flurry of angry comments after posting a series of drunken party videos to Instagram as she celebrated her 37th birthday with friends, despite coronavirus restrictions.

After getting badly slammed on her Instagram page, she has turned off the comments to avoid more insults.

In the videos, Lloyd and three female friends are seen dancing in a limousine, drinking and laughing together — and at one point, one friend is lying on top of another.

Lloyd also took several pictures, including a mirror selfie where she shows off her sheer black top and a photo with all three of her friends — who are all color-coordinated in black.

The glamour model and TV personality lives in Birmingham, which is currently in Tier 3 of England’s coronavirus restrictions.

Under Tier 3 — the highest tier in England — people cannot mix indoors with others who are not from their household or support bubble.

Restaurants also have to close and serve takeaway and delivery only. Lloyd’s social media fans’ comments included many who scolded the celebrity for thinking she was “above the law.”

An angry British woman went in another post to lash out and say: “Turned your comments off on your recent post to stop backlash? Everyone is so sick of stupid rich, ‘famous’ people doing what the f*ck they like. Awful awful people, all of you.”

The model was hit with this harsh remark: “Personally, I don’t follow this type of person, and there are no consequences when they do this sh*t. They might get a fine, but so what, a days salary for her husband? Everyone should just unfollow these people and stop giving them airtime. Anyway, now I’m giving airtime to it now. Jumping back off to actual reality!”

This observer wrote: “I know! It just shows their arrogance to be fair. What a bunch of narcissists.”

Some followers said that for their recent birthdays, they had stayed in and had not seen anybody.

In one video, Lloyd can be seen in a restaurant that appears to be offering table service, suggesting the group of friends traveled in their limousine to a different part of the country, which is under Tier 2.

Under the Tier 2 restrictions, restaurants can remain open and offer table service, but only if they serve substantial meals.

And Lloyd certainly is not the only celebrity to make the news for breaking coronavirus restrictions recently.

During the national lockdown throughout November, Rita Ora made headlines after celebrating her 30th birthday with a lavish party in London.

She later offered to pay the heaviest fine of £10,000 ($13,000) for breaking the regulations.


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