Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Rules To Get A Beautiful New Look And Fans Are Fuming

Caitlyn Jenner Coronavirus Backlash Hair Salon

Caitlyn Jenner is currently facing significant backlash after the reality TV personality updated her Instagram profile with a new video clip showing her latest visit to a hair salon.

However, instead of complimenting the celebrity for her stylish new hairstyle, numerous social media followers criticized Jenner for not keeping the imposed health regulations amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As the footage shows, the 71-year-old former athlete not only did not stay at home despite the announced orders in California, but she also did not cover her face with a mask during her visit to the beauty salon.

After the video went viral, many social media users accused the parent of Kylie Jenner of behaving inappropriately, given the fact that until recently, she was viewed as an influential figure among the LGBTQ+ community.

Also, many viewers of the clip were reminded of Kim Kardashian‘s recent controversial trip to a tropical island, during which she got together with a lot of friends and her family without paying any respect to health regulations.

The two incidents invoked numerous fans’ fury, and some took to the comment section to express their disapproval of Jenner’s actions.

Many people asked why Jenner, who rose to prominence with her role in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was not wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

One very displeased follower stated in Jenner’s comment section: “Is anyone aware in this video that there’s a goddamn pandemic going on? Tone deaf AF. 300,000 people dead in the U.S., and she needs to get her hair done 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.”

Another chimed in: “So wait, I’m confused, no masks no social distancing no precautions against Covid19. It’s good to be a millionaire and violate all the CDC rules. Being privileged makes one get away with so much shit and sets a poor example to others.”

Jenner was reminded of the horrific death toll of the pandemic with this comment: “Covid? No mask required? And this is why we have multiple deaths.”

This person lashed out and said: “They never wear masks, and they are above the rules…It’s America mate 50% of you set a bad example for the world anyway.”

According to the latest data, COVID-19 has killed more than 319,000 Americans and counting. And despite the fact that two vaccines have been approved, health experts say that the winter will be harsh and dark.

They say now is not the time to take a loose approach to the situation.


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