Prince William Gave Up On Prince Harry After This Infamous Incident

Prince William Harry Feud Started Over This

According to claims made by royal expert Dan Wootton, Prince William does not feel like he can help Prince Harry anymore.

Arguably the world’s most famous royal siblings, 39-year-old Prince William and 36-year-old Prince Harry grew up together — sharing the limelight of being in the royal family and the tragedy of their mother, Princess Diana‘s untimely passing.

As Prince Harry grew up, he spent many years attracting media attention for his excessive partying and wild trips to destinations, including his scandalous visit to Las Vegas. He embarrassed the royal family by getting drunk and removing his clothes as the cameras rolled.

During this period, Prince William supported Prince Harry and protected him – according to Wootton.

The royal expert also claimed that there is much the public does not know about what went on behind the scenes with the two brothers, but that Prince William was always there for his younger brother.

After marrying Meghan Markle in 2018, Prince Harry and his new wife announced in January 2020 that they would be stepping down as senior royals, and later moved to California.

This only increased the tensions between the brothers, with the pair making news headlines again on Commonwealth Day in March when the princes and their wives had a string of awkward interactions during the special service at Westminster Abbey.

The royal expert said: “He’s spent years trying to look after Harry, and I think he feels like there is nothing he can do. He did everything he could to protect Harry over many, many years. We don’t know a lot behind the scenes with some of Harry’s bad behavior. William was always there for Harry so I have a lot of sympathy for William with how this has turned out.”

Another royal expert, Katie Nicholl — who authored The Making of a Royal Romance, a biography about Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s relationship – has claimed that the brothers will never be close in the way they used to be following the family tensions over recent years.

Nicholl said: “I don’t think they ever will be close in the same way that they were before. But I do think there have been nine months since Megxit and relations are better between them. I know that they are in touch, that they do talk. I know that Harry sent over a load of presents for the Cambridge children. They will Zoom, they will chat over the holidays.”

However, Prince William and Prince Harry have reportedly become closer in the past few months, partly due to the miscarriage of Harry and Meghan’s second child earlier this year.

The Sussexes and Cambridges have also exchanged gifts ahead of the festive period and planned to have a video call with each other on Christmas Day.


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