Ayesha Curry Shows Husband Stephen Curry What He Is Missing With Raunchy Photos

Stephen Curry Wife Ayesha Curry Photos

For fans wondering how Ayesha Curry gets down in the kitchen — she wears a pair of tight leather pants, twerks, and goes very low.

Hours after the Christmas celebration was over, Stephen Curry‘s wife took to social media to let him know how much she misses and wants him back home.

The Canadian-American author was hard at work, cooking, and stirring a savory dish. Instead of standing straight to prepare the meal, she decided to bend backward and put her impressive booty on full display.

Ayesha made sure to tag her husband and famous basketball player right underneath her round butt.

She used the caption to promote her cookbook and to share details about for a mouthwatering shrimp risotto.

The cookbook author and television personality wrote: “You can take the girl out of Markham but you can’t take the Markham out of the girl LOL 🇯🇲🇨🇦… Swipe for last nights random Christmas crab and shrimp risotto. Hope everyone had a great and safe Holiday.”

Many of her millions of social media followers chose to praise Ayesha’s fabulous curves and stated that Steph is a lucky man to have such a fine wife.

This backer said Ayesha’s stunning figure is the reason why the Golden State Warriors have been losing as of lately.

The commenter wrote: “Steph is lucky to have a wife like you…😭🙌🏽Bruh, this is what’s on Steph’s mind during games; no wonder he’s missing shots like crazy he’s to busy thinking bout what’s waiting for him at home.”

This Instagrammer was delighted to see a woman cooking and having fun. The fan stated: “I’m so glad; seeing women having fun and enjoying cooking again. You can be a BOSS and still cook in the kitchen.”

The steamy photo was intended to keep Steph warm at night because he has been away from his wife and will return on December 29th.

Ayesha had this to say about missing her husband: “Counting down the days, hours, minutes until my baby is back home! Mrs.Claus misses her Mr.Claus this Christmas. I love my @stephencurry30 ,but am always so infinitely proud 😻 ” Reloj, no marques las horas porque voy a enloquecer.” (if Ya know you know).”

Steph reacted with this sweet message: “My baby!!!! I love you♥️. Stay wrapped until the 29th.”

The power couple has never been shy about showing their love on the Internet.


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