Melania Trump Shocks Fans After Posting This Photo On Barron Trump’s Special Day

Melania Trump Son Barron Birthday Message

Over the weekend, Melania Trump took to social media to mark a joyous occasion — the former First Lady of the United States was celebrating Barron Trump‘s 15th birthday.

The ex-fashion and glamour model, who moved to Florida with former President Donald Trump, did not share any new photos of Barron.

Instead, she kept up with tradition by posting a picture of balloons shaped into the number 15. The mother opted for a new number of balloons that are very dark and gloomy.

Donald Trump’s wife penned this brief caption, “Happy birthday BWT,” followed by three red hearts. The letters “BWT” stand for her son’s full name, Barron William Trump.

Numerous backers of Melania and Donald Trump appeared in the comment section to wish the teen a happy birthday.

This person gushed about Barron Trump’s height with this sweet message: “He’s 15!? Wow, he’s so grown now ❤️ God bless the Trumps”

A Trump voter wrote: “Happy birthday Barron. God bless, guide, and protect you now and always!! 🎉🎉🎂🎁❤,️❤️You tried to change our country. Do not know how you stood up against the assault on your family. I hope your message shines through! Enjoy your faI hope and help from behind the scenes. Am so proud of you and your family.”

Some fans were shocked by the choice of the picture that they called disturbing and scary.

A woman called out Melania for the cold and unfestive photo by saying: “Melanie dear, you could have found a more cheerful pic. This looks quite morbid, but perhaps that’s how you/he feels.”

Another critic shared: “Even the birthday picture is all dark sepia tones, very strange lol.”

This social media user had this reaction: “Creepy!! Black balloons for a 15-year-old?? Poor child. That dark world you live in must be so cold, but I do wish you a Happy birthday!! I hope it is a great day!!”

While Barron Trump has become an Internet sensation after his parents moved into the White House, not much is known about the tall teenager.

However, Melania Trump did share a few details about her only child in a recent interview where she explained: “I teach him what is right, what is wrong. He doesn’t have social media yet — he’s not interested in it. He’s all into sports.”

Melania also made this revelation: “I like to spend as much time as possible with him because, you know, children… they need your attention. They need to see that you’re involved, and they really want their mommy there.”

Donald Trump has another parenting style. He shared: “…I’m not going to be making the food; I may never even see the kids.”

Barron has a lot of people talking.


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