Erika Jayne Causes Uproar By Flaunting Her Curves And Massive Wealth In New Photos While Embroiled In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit With Her Husband, Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne Tom Girardi RHOBH Divorce

According to recent reports, it is possible that Erika Jayne, whose real name is Erika Girardi, might have to stop her business that consists of selling her used clothes on the Internet.

It is believed that Thomas Girardi has purchased the clothes for Erika.

The request was made by a team of legal representatives as part of an ongoing lawsuit. It resulted from the recent asset freeze imposed on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘s soon-to-be ex-husband, Tom Girardi.

The couple is embroiled in a nasty scandal that involves $2 million and multiple victims via the Lion Air flight settlement.

According to court documents, Tom, his Girardi Keese law firm, cannot explain what happened to the Lion Air flight settlement funds.

Erika, 49, and Tom, 81, were slapped with a class-action firm on behalf of the 2018 Lion Air flight victims earlier this month for “allegedly embezzling the funds and attempting to conceal it through their sham divorce.”

Erika filed for divorce in November after 21 years of marriage, claiming Tom had a mistress. It is not yet clear exactly how much this will spill over to Erika Jayne’s business ventures because they did not sign a prenup.

Tom and Erika have been relatively quiet about the matter, as expected from someone involved in ongoing legal proceedings.

Part of the issue, reports indicate, is that the two are still bound by laws governing communal property, even though their divorce is already underway.

It is possible that there might be a more significant impact on the assets owned by Erika Jayne, depending on the way the lawsuit continues, and some of her fans have already expressed their concerns in this regard.

Meanwhile, Erika has decided to keep posting sexy pictures on Instagram, and that has caused online discussions with various interesting arguments in the debate.

A critic said: “Personally, I think it is in poor taste to keep posting about your expensive style while all of these lawsuits are going on. If after everything shakes out and innocence is proven, go for it. Not saying that you knew about what was possibly going on, but I have some respect for the victims that have not yet been paid their settlement money.”

Another chimed in to say: “She definitely is a narcissist for sure lol 😂 she definitely loves herself a lot @theprettymess is a nasty 🤮 mess; she is a train wreck, lol 😂.”

This follower claimed: “She doesn’t even care enough to make a statement about the allegations against her and her husband!! I don’t have the same respect for her as I once did!! She is throwing it in everyone’s face about living without a care in the world for what she is being accused of!! She flaunts her money like it’s no big deal!!”

Others have pointed out that it seems unfair that Jayne should be affected by an asset freeze order imposed on her soon-to-be-former husband, but there are various subtle details to the case that are likely outside of the public’s scope at the moment.


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