Christine Dacera Appears In Video Kissing A Man Before Getting Raped And Murdered — Some Of The 11 Men Accused Have A Surprising Defense

Christine Dacera Kissing Video Makati City Flight Attendant

Christine Dacera was found dead on New Year’s Day in a hotel in the Philippines, and now previously unseen CCTV shows her partying with other people in her final hours.

The video shared on Facebook shows the 23-year-old flight attendant celebrating with a minimum of three men the night before she was found unconscious — and later pronounced dead — in the bathroom of the hotel room where she was staying.

Christine Angelica Dacera, who was very popular on Instagram, was seen holding a wine glass and kissing a man who was wearing shorts and a baseball cap.

The group was seen walking around the corridors of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City on New Year’s Eve.

Police in the city filed a provisional charge of rape with homicide against all eleven of the men who are thought to have been with Dacera the night before she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The police also claimed there were indications that Christine Dacera had been raped.

They arrested three of the men who were partying with her but later released them and said the investigation so far had not proven Dacera had been sexually assaulted or raped.

Officials said they were unable to identify which of the men were involved in a possible sexual assault or rape, and an initial autopsy reported a ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of her death, which Dacera’s family and lawyers have claimed resulted from an assault that night.

One of the men partying with Christine Dacera hours before she was found unconscious was Gregorio de Guzman, the son of singer Claire dela Fuente.

He has denied reports of gang rape, claiming that he is gay, and eight of the other men who were there are also gay.

“How did it become rape?” he asked a news outlet and went on to say he has “never had sex” with a woman before.

Guzman also claimed that Dacera was “happy” on New Year’s Eve, and when he discovered her unconscious the next morning, he had administered CPR in an effort to revive her.

Valentine Rosales, one of 11 men suspected of rape and murder, gave this explanation about the kiss, he shared with Christine Dacera.

Rosales stated: “[S]he was the one who initiated the kiss with me. I was trying to open the door. I rang the doorbell. She was the one who grabbed me. I rang the doorbell, but I dodged, I sidestepped her.”

The case has gotten a lot of attention worldwide.


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