Teacher’s Husband Forced To Talk About Very Private Details Of His Wife’s Life While Defending Her Actions In Second Trial Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct With Student

Kandice Barber Teacher UK Husband Daniel

Kandice Barber is currently on trial for allegations of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old boy, but her husband, Daniel Barber, says he has “full faith” in her.

Speaking from the witness stand on Monday, Daniel Barber said there was no evidence his wife had sent photographs to anybody and insisted they were still going “strong” together.

Last year, Kandice Barber was convicted of causing or inciting a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity, following the accusations that she had been sending inappropriate photographs and videos, and engaging in sexual activity with a student at the school where she was working as a teacher assistant.

When she appeared in court last year following her arrest in March, Kandice Barber claimed it would not have been possible for her to engage in an affair with the teenager as her lifestyle was too busy.

Daniel Barber — who is now a delivery driver for DPD after working night shifts at Morrison’s at the time of the alleged incidents — appeared as a witness at Amersham Law Courts, shooting down claims that his marriage is on the rocks.

The incidents between Kandice Barber and the teenage boy were alleged to have happened in October 2018. Detectives found Internet searches for “good secluded areas,” as well as a local Holiday Inn, on Kandice Barber’s devices.

However, Daniel Barber said he and his wife would walk their dog together in nearby woodland areas, and he never knew her to be looking for other areas.

He also said he was never the type of husband to ask who she was speaking to or what she was doing, and he had “full faith” in her actions.

Daniel Barber added: “When my wife is on the phone, I am not one of those people who constantly looks at her to see who she is on the phone too. I have full faith in her.”

Kandice Barber — who has three children from previous relationships — defended her search for the hotel by claiming she had arranged the booking for her son and his father.

The prosecutor tackled some sensitive topics related the Mr. Barber’s love life with Kandice by saying: “Forgive me, Mr. Barber, I do not mean to pry unnecessarily but there are matters that this jury have to consider.”

The prosecutor pressed on: “This jury is aware, and you are too Mr. Barber, that your wife was convicted of sending a video of herself masturbating to a pupil at the school. Is that something that surprises you?”

Mr. Barber had this defense: “Yeah, because there is no video, no video has been seen, so it does surprise me.”

The boy has confessed to the affair.


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