Halle Berry Shows Lots Of Skin In Sheer Dress And Says She Is Not ‘Giving A F*ck’ In New Sexy Video

Halle Berry Van Hunt Video

Halle Berry is happy to show lots of skin in the name of fashion, of course. On Friday, the actress and fitness enthusiast took to social media to show off how she is ringing in the weekend.

Halle Berry appeared in a brief video wearing an almost sheer/mesh mini dress that revealed her impressive toned legs. The Oscar-winning actress completed the look with a pair of sexy white leather knee-high boots.

It is the weekend, so Halle Berry made sure to sip on a glass of red wine while tossing her luscious hair around.

Berry captivated fans with her very cheeky caption where she explained that: “Giving a f*ck didn’t go with this outfit.”

One fan stated: “Well, not giving a f*ck looks damn good on you!!!” Another follower shared: “😂😂😂 if there’s a Pulitzer for captions…”

According to recent photos, Halle Berry is still madly in love with her boyfriend, Van Hunt, as the 54-year-old actress shared a short footage on Instagram that showed the happy couple enjoying each other’s company on a small balcony.

Although the partners showed only their backs to the camera, it appeared that they were having a very good time together as the former Bond girl was dancing to the rhythm of one of the record producer’s tracks.

In addition, Berry showed off her muscular back as she wore only a pair of panties without anything else to cover her toned body.

The famous Hollywood star seemed filled with joy as she danced next to her partner, who also did not wear anything besides a pair of black trunks.

It appeared that the couple was engulfed by the beautiful scenery in front of them, as the balcony on which they were standing faced a lush greenery.

However, it seems that Berry’s enthusiasm for dancing caught up with her boyfriend as well as at some point, he also started moving to the rhythm of the ongoing song.

Titled with “You keep everything simple” and “Music by the one & only Van Hunt,” the post amassed thousands of Likes, and Berry’s numerous followers could not contain their excitement.

As a result, the comment section was quickly filled with compliments and flattering comments.

One user of the popular social media platform wrote “My favorite couple,” while another seemed to be more impressed by Berry’s physique: “Your body is so goals.”

The talented actress is becoming a real force on Instagram.


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