Tiny Harris And Estranged Husband T.I. Are Living Separately After Asia’h Epperson Cheating Video

Asiah Epperson Tiny Harris T.I.

The Harris’ household is crumbling. It is evident that for the past weeks — Tiny Harris and husband T.I. are living separately.

Since the video of T.I. and actress Asia’h Epperson surfaced where he is slapping her big butt, Tiny has taken her distance from him.

A source talked to celebrity website Hollywood Life and revealed that once more Tiny has put her man in the dog house.

For the time being, she is avoiding the rapper at all cost because she knows they will clash when they eventually meet face-to-face.

The insider stated: “After the video of T.I. slapping that woman’s booty came out Tiny asked him to sleep elsewhere.”

The person claimed that the Xscape singer is a strong woman but what T.I. recently did, broke her heart all over again.

The source continued with this sad comment: “She has not welcomed him home yet. She is still not dealing with him and has let him know she is now weighing her divorce options, all over again. As of now, they are living separately, everything has fallen apart. Poor Tiny’s so sad, she’s doing her best to hold her head up and keep her spirits high, but she’s incredibly heartbroken and defeated by this. It’s a knife in her heart to be betrayed all over again by Tip, she’s hurting.”

Tiny has been busy on social media throwing shade at T.I. and his mistress.

The mother of four also liked a long list of horrible comments about her husband and the former American Idol contestant.

She wrote on Instagram: “Never gon meet no one like! Talk shit pop, shit, while wrist on freeze. Still ass humble as I can! But I came to run up a Mil.”

She later added: “Up early on Bull💩 Feeling Real Sweet🤑 & yes this is my song @citygirls.”

Tiny’s fans and entourage are begging her to complete the process of divorcing T.I. because he will never stop cheating and humiliating her.

“Tiny you are too good for his trifling ass, and we all know he just gone be sniffing around stalking you again as soon as you leave his ass…that’s your kids father I get it but please pray and ask God is it worth it to be in this marriage anymore love u tiny always ,” wrote a concerned and adoring supporter of the blonde artist.


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