Charles, Prince Of Wales, Will Have To Go Through A PR Nightmare To Make Sure Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Gets The Respect She Has Earned

Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles King

Camilla Parker Bowles has climbed in the public eye and overcame her biggest fear to be present for the future king of England, yet it seems that she will never earn the respect that some think she deserves.

Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have been together for almost two decades. To say that the romance got a rocky and controversial start would be an understatement.

Fans of the late Princess Diana will forever blame Duchess Camilla for the destruction of her marriage to Charles. However, during the couple’s 15 years of marriage, Camilla worked hard as a senior member of the royal family to prove that she is worthy.

Along with winning over the British public, Camilla overcame her biggest fear to be by Charle’s side at important events out outside of England. It has been confirmed that Camilla suffered from aviophobia or aerophobia — which means for many years, she was afraid of flying.

Famous British public relations consultant and royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams explained: “Also, despite her dislike of flying, she has handled her trips abroad impeccably. Her work for charity is undeniably impressive.”

Fitzwilliams also confirmed that Camilla is indeed Charles’s source of happiness and added: “She makes him blissfully happy and their chemistry together has been perfection during the 15 years they have been married. There is so much that they share including, most importantly, a similar sense of humor.”

Fitzwilliams made this comment about Camilla’s work ethic and her decision to be her husband’s support system: “There is no doubt that the Duchess of Cornwall has climbed high in public esteem. Over the years she has performed her duties admirably, and there is no doubt whatever of her charm and of her reliability. She sees her role to support Charles and the institution of monarchy much as the Duke of Edinburgh does to the Queen, but in very different circumstances.”

Charles is expected to take the British throne when Queen Elizabeth II can no longer serve and is expected to make a difficult decision — will his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, be called Queen or something else.

Columnist Daniel Engber, like many other royal experts, believes that despite all her efforts, the title of Queen will never go to Camilla.

Engber explained why: “It’s a new title created just for Camilla because crowning her as Queen would create P.R. problems for the royals. A marriage between divorcees like Charles and Camilla remains taboo for some members of the Church of England. Camilla is already unpopular for breaking up the prince’s marriage to Diana.”

Camilla remains a controversial figure in the British monarchy.


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