Leah Remini Makes A Bold And Controversial Statement With Her Latest Photo And Angers Donald Trump And Church Of Scientology Supporters

Leah Remini Church Of Scientology Donald Trump Supporters

Leah Remini is still taking on the Church of Scientology in a very different way — she is using fashion and landing in trouble while at it.

Recently, the famous whistleblower took to Instagram, where she once more revealed that she has style, and it comes with a powerful message.

Leah Remini showed that she still has it and decided to flaunt it in a chic black sweater with a matching dress shirt and jeans.

The King of Queens actress completed the look with minimal makeup and had her honey hair cascading on her shoulders.

The podcast host used her fashion post to send a clear message to the Church of Scientology — the words “Don’t Be Culty” were splashed on the front of the sweatshirt — a reference to her long and very public fight against the new religious movement.

The 50-year-old actor and activist captioned the post: “A new Scientology: Fair Game is out on @iheartradiopodcasts with the resilient & talented @vlskparis3 (a #tb pic of us) AND For those who have been asking, our Don’t Be Culty sweatshirts are back. Proceeds benefit The Aftermath Foundation, helping those leaving Scientology. Go to TheAftermathfoundation.org for more info.”

Leah Remini’s decision to go after the cult did not sit well with many of her followers who bashed her for meddling in politics and for not backing former President Donald Trump.

One critic called out Leah Remini with this message: “Really, WTF with these political posts??? Jesus, it’s over!!! Enjoy life while we can!!!”

Another follower accused her of joining another cult with this note: “I respect the message but you posted a celebratory Biden post so in reality, you’re still in a cult lol.”

A person, who is a Trump supporter, stepped in to say: “Trump WON!! Please sit back and watch. It’s coming!! Are you crazy?? He’s far from done!! Have you not been seeing what’s going on?? Joe Biden has zero power. The military is in FULL control.”

Not everyone is angry with the message. A social media user explained: “Actually, you trump supporters need this sweatshirt😳 the people posting it are clearly aware on some level (which they’re not willing to face) that they, themselves, are trapped in cult-like behavior. fanaticism, self-sealing doctrine, insiders vs. outsiders, the whole bit.”

A backer reached out to the Scientology and the Aftermath star and made this suggestion: “Love it! This should be worn on the congressional floor right about now. 😁”

Leah Remini’s fight has only begun. She recently revealed that her “woke” and brilliant daughter, Sofia Bella Pagan, has inspired her to speak up about causes and injustices.


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