Abby Huntsman Leaves ‘The View’ Amid Meghan McCain Feud Rumors To Join Father Jon Huntsman Jr.’s Campaign For Utah Governor

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Abby Huntsman is leaving The View on ABC to join her father, Jon Huntsman Jr.‘s campaign for his old job as governor of Utah.

Fans were shocked, and many of them took to social media to express their disappointment.

One commenter stated: “You have been such a bright light on this show. Good luck to your dad. He’s got an amazing campaign manager 💕.”

A second person added: “Going to miss you. I hope they get a conservative to take your place, so Megan has some support. Three liberals are enough. Ha Ha. You bring kindness and reason at the table so it won’t be as easy to watch.”

Abby, 33, made the big announcement on Monday amid the latest negative headlines involving co-host Meghan McCain.

Meghan had a lot of people talking recently, as the co-hostess of The View was suspiciously absent from the episodes of the show that aired on Thursday and Friday last week.

The television personality was initially planning to skip work only on Friday due to personal reasons, but unexpectedly she missed Thursday as well.

Meghan’s colleague on the show, Whoopi Goldberg, prepared the viewers for her absence during the beginning of the episode on Thursday, as she stated that the conservative voice would return on Monday.

The hostess’ suspicious absence came amid swirling rumors that she and her former friend, Abby Huntsman, were not on speaking terms anymore.

In addition, according to recent speculations, Meghan’ also had trouble keeping a good relationship with the rest of her co-hostesses on The View.

Currently, it is widely believed that Meghan was so rude to her colleagues that one by one, they all stopped speaking to her, and Abby was the last one to keep any communication with the controversial hostess.

The first theories about the alleged end of the friendship between the two ladies started circulating after an episode of the show that aired on Tuesday, in which Meghan and Abby started a heated argument following the news of former National Security Advisor John Bolton‘s willingness to appear as a witness at President Donald Trump‘s impeachment hearing.

Since then, a petition from 2 years ago that was meant to remove Meghan from the show resurfaced with thousands of new signatures.

The petition was started by a fan of The View, Catherine Iyoha-Idiong, who stated that Meghan brought only sourness and immaturity to the series.

With the recent developments, a source stated: “It’s an unhealthy environment — just the way that things are handled during shows and how people deal with each other. It’s intense.”

Experts believe there might be more shakeups in the near future.


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