Kate Winslet Drops Cheeky Comment About Her Body — Fans Applaud The Confident Actress

Kate Winslet Graham Norton Show

Like many people, Kate Winslet has been spending a lot of time baking during the pandemic and even made a joke about the size of her “a**e” during an interview for a TV show.

The 45-year-old actress appeared on The Graham Norton Show after joining virtually on Zoom alongside a line-up of other stars earlier this week.

Speaking about the current lockdown in England, which requires people to stay at home unless they have a reasonable excuse to leave their house, Kate Winslet told host Graham Norton that she had been baking a lot of sourdough bread, and now her “a**e is massive.”

The Titanic actress also shared a comical experience where she had been typing “film actress” into an email, and it was autocorrected to “full mattress.”

Joking on the show, Winslet told the host that she felt like a “full mattress” and intended to describe herself as such from now on.

She stated: “The other day, I was answering some questions on email, and instead of ‘film actress,’ it auto corrected to ‘full mattress.’ That’s exactly how I feel and will describe myself from now on!”

In another interview, Kate Winslet opened up about getting body-shamed after Titanic, in which she starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, was released.

She confessed: “In my 20s, people would talk about my weight a lot. And I would be called to comment on my physical self. Well, then I got this label of being ballsy and outspoken. No, I was just defending myself.”

Viewers had the chance to hear Kate Winslet speak about her role in Ammonite, a drama by Francis Lee set in 1800s England.

Winslet stars alongside Saoirse Ronan in the new film, which will be released next month.

It follows the story of Mary and Charlotte — two women who develop a strong bond and a forbidden romance with each other.

Winslet said that playing the character of Mary was “challenging” for her since their personalities are so different.

Mary’s character is very “reserved and socially uncomfortable,” while Winslet considered herself to be “nothing like” that.

She practiced living like Mary’s character in a bid to become familiar with a different way of life.

Winslet appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside fellow celebrities Orlando Bloom, Ellie Goulding, Aisling Bea, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Stanley Tucci.

The talented actress has always had a great sense of humor and over two decades in the movie industry has not changed that.


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