Ioan Gruffudd’s Estranged Wife, Alice Evans, Shares Intimate Photos And Revelations Amid Shocking ‘Divorce Story’

Alice Evans Ioan Gruffudd Divorce Story

Alice Evans has taken to social media to share snippets of her married life with Ioan Gruffudd amid their divorce news, as she speculates on what may have caused it.

Revealing to her Instagram fans that she will carry on with telling her “divorce story,” 49-year-old Alice Evans shared a black and white throwback photo of her and estranged husband, Ioan Gruffudd.

Adding a lengthy caption to the post, Alice suggested that Ioan might have filed for divorce after she asked him to take a selfie together.

In January, she announced the Fantastic Four actor had filed for divorce after falling out of love with her and branded him a “s**t” in a social media post that was since deleted.

Alice claimed 47-year-old Ioan caught her by surprise with news he had filed for divorce and has spoken about the impact it has had on her children.

In the picture she shared on Thursday, Alice was seen leaning in to kiss Ioan, who looked into the camera with a serious stare.

She wrote that she was still “sad and…heartbroken” and told her 58,000 followers that she keeps remembering the things she and Ioan planned to do together but realizing they “won’t be doing it together anymore.”

Giving fans an insight into their married life together, Alice wrote that it was possibly a “divorce move” when she “dared to ask MAN WHO IS ALL MAN” to take a selfie with her.

She finished her post by promising she would be back soon with more “#divorcestory.” On Wednesday, Alice Evans said her 7-year-old daughter, Elsie, was “devastated” to hear about her parents’ split, and her youngest child screamed “no.”

Posting on Instagram, Alice said she was “scared” of Ioan’s response to her decision to reveal the details of her private life, but believes that staying quiet can lead to abuse, including mental abuse.

Many fans have been supportive of the soon-to-be divorcée. One person shared: “Never met you, BUT….. You are a beautiful, strong, and amazing woman. Please never change that. I love seeing your post. It seems like you always manage to have a smile on your face, don’t ever lose it. Stay strong, girlie.❤️”

Another follower added: “His looks will fade. He’s having his fun with his little young thing. That’s okay. When she gets tired of the old man, she’ll let him loose. You deserve better.❤️”

Supporters are rooting for Alice to find happiness again.


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