Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Makes Shocking Confession And Drops Her Clothes In Steamy Photos

Lottie Moss Kate Half Sister House Photo

Lottie Moss has shared several new photos on Instagram wearing a matching leopard print bikini set as she posed in the dining room of a Mexican hotel. She also surprised her fans by confessing to selling her soul.

The 23-year-old model and younger sister of catwalk legend Kate Moss posted the collection of new photos to Instagram on Monday, thought to be a throwback to her trip to Mexico earlier this year.

Lottie Moss regularly shares raunchy pictures with her Instagram following and has sparked concern in recent days after signing up to Glow — an adult membership-based website that allows individuals to earn money selling sexy photos and videos.

In her most recent post on Instagram, which Lottie Moss captioned as a “series of photos that look exactly the same,” she leans against a chair and table wearing a leopard print two-piece swimsuit.

The bikini top had criss-cross detail, which accentuated her cleavage, and the bikini briefs were tied at either side. Her voluminous blonde hair was in a wavy style and flowed around her face.

A small black bag, thought to be an accessory belonging to Lottie, was spotted on the table in the background alongside two small bottles of water.

Lottie Moss has previously modeled for Chanel and Vogue and was set to follow in her half-sister and supermodel Kate Moss’s footsteps.

Lottie Moss Kate Half Sister House Amid Meltdown Rumors

However, she has recently caused a rift in her family after joining Glow, where she offers to make special request videos for fans in exchange for a price tag of around $1400.

Glow — which costs $20 per month to use, plus additional fees of $70 to unlock photos — does not currently have many well-known models using it. Lottie Moss was seen meeting the site’s founder for coffee back in January.

According to a source, Lottie’s model agency Storm is trying to “save” her and prevent her from sabotaging her future through her involvement with the adult website. There were reports claiming that Lottie Moss’s family were feuding over her career move.

Lottie Moss took to social media, where she shared two stunning photos of her California mansion to end the rumors that her career has hit rock bottom.

She posted a photo of her luxury pool that is surrounded by a massive garden and captioned it: “If this is rock bottom, I’m good with it.”

Lottie Moss also addressed a fan who asked her a bizarre question. The social media user asked: “Have you sold your soul?😱”

Moss responded by saying “yes,” prompting the fan to add “too young to know the consequences. Sending prayers.”

Lottie seems to know what she wants to accomplish via Glow.


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