Tiffany Dover Alive: Hospital Releases New Video Of ‘Missing’ Nurse Who Fainted After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine To Counter Death Hoax And Creates More Confusion

Tiffany Dover Alive Hospital Releases New Video

Tiffany Dover, a nurse who had fainted after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, is still sparking rumors that she has gone “missing” or died.

Dover, 30, who works at CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, was injected with the vaccine on television during an interview last week.

Speculation about what had happened to Dover soon gathered traction online, with many claiming she had gone silent and had not been seen for days.

On Monday, the hospital posted a 20-second video clip on social media — showing several staff members, including Dover, standing together holding signs to support the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

Standing near the front of the group, Dover wore her nursing uniform, hospital ID, and a face mask and stood next to another woman who held a sign which read: “Nurse leadership supports Tiffany.” The sign was dated December 21, 2020.

In the caption for the video, the Tennessee hospital claimed that they wanted to show the public that their staff member was doing well and that her colleagues were there to support her.

A caption accompanying the clip read: “Nurse leadership supports Tiffany,” with the date printed at the bottom 12-21-20. We’re pleased to share Tiffany Dover is doing well. Here’s a short video of her today surrounded by her colleagues who all support her.”

The video was released following a statement on Twitter from the hospital, posted on December 19 to say that Tiffany Dover appreciated the concern but had asked for privacy.

They wrote: “UPDATE: Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family.”

The hospital also said: “We are aware of the multitude of false information circulating on social media about Tiffany Dover. We created the video because our nursing leadership wants the public to know of their support of Tiffany and to clear up many of the circulating rumors.”

This only sparked more rumors among concerned followers who wondered why Dover herself had not made a statement.

Others are baffled by the fact that she was shaking in the video. A social media user asked: “It’s a different person.. why is this person shaking, and why is this video edited? They didn’t let her speak, and if she was ok, then she would say something or put a video on Insta.”

The hospital has also explained that Dover sometimes faints in painful situations. They are adamant that the fainting was not a reaction to the vaccine itself.

Channel 9 News has approached the hospital for an interview with Dover but has been told that she continues to request privacy.

Yesterday, US President-elect Joe Biden received the coronavirus vaccine on live TV, in an attempt to encourage people in America to accept the offer of a vaccine when it is made available to them.


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